Keto Glass Shots filled with Ferrero Rocher mousse

Let's get this party started! Spring Break is here!

Are you going on vacation or you'll be at home? If you need ideas to do at home with the kids, check out my post: Staycations without breaking the bank! Here, you'll find +40 activities to do at home or close to home without going broke!

One of the things we are planning to do during Spring Break is COOKING COMPETITION! Not necessarily "Cooking" is involved, as we will have the freedom to create any course we want, cold or hot!

We began creating a competitive atmosphere this past weekend!

These edible shot glasses are beautiful! Perfect for an afternoon snack or for those guests you know you must awe! Yes, be honest, please! I love to receive visits and leave them speechless with my delicious creativity! We all do! Because... we all have those hard-to-please guests who need a little more edible art!

This weekend, hubby and I were making a new video for our Youtube channel. (Yes, we started a Youtube channel in Spanish a few weeks ago!) We want to inspire our fellow Puertorricans with our story! We share our experience and adventure of moving from Puerto Rico to Georgia, along with some fun, cooking and sarcasm. From time to time, we go straight to the kitchen to share one of our creations, like this one.

This weekend, we made these awesome shots, inspired by one of the recent recipes I shared with you: The Keto truffles, a.ka. Ferrero Rocher. But, we added a cute glass that's completely edible! The glass is made of my keto chocolate recipe. And the stuffing is a Keto "Ferrero Rocher" mousse.

Here are some ideas and links if you don't have any of these materials and ingredients. Just click on each picture to check the price of each item!

I love these silicone molds. They are easy to clean, and super easy to unmold!

Yumm! Delicious oil with a slight flavor.

My favorite sugar substitute so far!

Tips and piping bags! Small package with the best tips!

Gold dust! Oh my! A sensation in the decoration of cakes and treats!

These shot glasses are easier to make than they look! You just need a little bit of patience and a cool area. If you try to work these chocolate cups in a hot, humid area, you'll need to work extra fast!

  • Pro-tip #1: Make sure the silicone mold is completely dry.

  • Pro-tip #2: To avoid spills and disaster, place the silicone mold on a cookie sheet or baking tray.

  • Pro-tip #3: Do not overheat the coconut oil. It will melt easily and quickly at low heat.

  • Pro-tip #4: Personally, I like that Swerve confectioners don't leave that bitter after-taste that other stevias usually have. But, you can substitute it with any stevia or sugar of your choice.

  • Pro-tip #5: If you don't have a piping bag or decoration tip, don't worry. You can always pour the mousse into a big ziplock bag. Cut a small gap in one of the bottom corners of the bag and gently squeeze the mousse inside the edible shots. I bet you can make an "ice cream-like" effect.

  • Pro-tip #6: I use plastic disposable gloves to unmold the glasses. That way I avoid leaving fingerprints all over!

  • Pro-tip #7: You can use edible gold luster to give your shots a very fancy finish! Dip the tip of a clean food brush into the gold dust and lightly brush the surface of the shot glasses.

  • Pro-tip #8: Serve immediately!

What do you think? Easy and super cool to share some love on Spring Break, right?

Let me know what you think! I love to read comments!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

Silicone molds:

Coconut oil:

Swerve combo:

Wilton tips:

Gold dust:

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