Keto coquito + a story of shitty management

Enjoy the delicious coquito without the extra sugar.

Oh, Sweet Christmas! You're finally here! I bet you've been waiting for it as well!

Christmas! The season of joy! Time of the good deeds... Also, the time when we sit to consider if we managed to achieve all we planned for this year that's quickly coming to an end.

However... we can cut the sweet talk and say: Frustrating! That's the most accurate description for this year. Simply frustrating. Families gripped by helplessness. Disappointments. Losses. Thousand forced goodbyes. Hundreds of miles of distancing. So much impotence!

And speaking of impotence... This Christmas 2020 hasn't been hopeful and expected with terrific excitement because priorities have changed for everyone. Without exceptions. Last year's resolutions are probably hanging in the air, unsolved.

Let me take a sip of this chilled coquito because it's been one of those days.

Mmmm! Glorious! Instantly feeling better!

The good thing about Coquito is that you can have it any time. There's not an exclusive season to enjoy -as people enjoy apple cider in fall or eggnog in winter. As the good Boricua that I am, Coquito is always present for any occasion. Birthdays? Can you bring a few bottles of Coquito? For anniversaries? It's okay if I make some coquito? No matter the occasion, Boricuas celebrate with Coquito!

If you haven't tried a true Puerto Rican coquito, you probably don't understand my passion for this creamy spirituous coconut beverage. But if you have tried it... You certainly know what I'm talking about!

And speaking about drowning frustrations with coquito...

I'm living in a rented house. Long story short, I tried to extend my lease a few months before starting my home buying process. Management told me: Yeah, no problem! Well, I got a letter in the mail telling me the owner had removed the house from management and was selling. So, with 60-days' notice to vacate on hand, I started my journey to another lease right on Christmas.

Don't worry. It gets worse. You'll understand why I'm sipping my coquito like a mad lady! What time it is right now? Unknown! But it's for the best! I don't want to know the time, just enjoy this second of glorious flavor! Like my sister uses to say: It's five o'clock somewhere!

Frustrated, I am out of options. The only thing left is to make a new lease. A few days later, I received a call from another lady realtor. She claimed to have the new management of the house and wanted to take pictures to post online. I tried to be polite, despite being amidst a pandemic. So, I allowed her to come to my house to take pictures to help her with her quest of selling the house. Because... I know... we all know... a girl needs to work! Plus, I always try to support my boss ladies!

Little I knew she would try to turn my house -because I'm still paying to live in it- into an eternal open house. The next day, she sent two other realtors, one of which didn't even have the decency to wear a facemask. They came along 6 more people, from which four didn't wear masks. And that was just on day 1.

This pissed me off. It has been enough. The law establishes that the owner or management has the right to bring people to see the house. But the law right now also requires us to restrain from non-essential visits or gatherings to protect ourselves.

The thing is... For the whole year, I have deprived myself and my family of visits. I have kept an enormous distance and have been extra careful. I've been homeschooling my kids the whole year. I haven't gone on vacation or pleasure trips trying to avoid Covid-19. So, basically, we secluded ourselves from human contact waiting for the pandemic to be over or at least expecting for a vaccine to be approved.

All those sacrifices won't go through the drain because the owner has to sell. His needs cannot go above my kids'. I've had a terrible year as well, and his rent money was always there even before it was due. I think I have the right to keep my door shut because my kids' health and wellbeing are to be protected. That's my priority.

This new management is been calling me nonstop, coming by the house unannounced trying to force me to open the door, harassing me to move out while the whole month of rent is covered in advance. I told her I cannot help with her job. Some of her co-workers didn't even respect the face mask ordinance. But I'm a liar because I don't do as she pleases! A liar from which she wanted to take advantage and use as a ShowRoom dealer. No way, lady! I know a trickster when I see one!

See, the good thing about coquito is the capacity to vent freely! That's why I love it so much! Usually, I don't vent! I'm always this super positive woman who empowers and uplifts and creates. But I'm just as human and I have to endure shitty things and shitty people. And I want you to know you're not alone if you're frustrated. I'm frustrated as well, but I keep fighting and working hard for what I want.

I know my issue is no big deal compared to others'. It's just a matter of wait and patience and take deep breaths. My situation is a stupidity compared to others. If I bring this up is to tell you: You are not alone. Maybe your problem is not that big (just like me!), maybe you have bigger reasons to be angry and frustrated. ANd you know what? It's your right to feel that way! But also you need to keep thriving.

The thing is... I am determined not to let anyone ruin my moment. And I hope you're as determined to succeed because you will!

Being stuck between two shitty management companies is a terrible place to be. In the end, I am the only one losing money because of their shitty processes.

Here's where my coquito comes to my rescue! There's not much I can do with management. There's not much I can do but hope for the right time to have our own family home. But there's much I can do to protect those I love.

And there's a lot I can do with my coquito! I love its creamy texture! It has the right amount of rum to change my mood! Another sip and I'll be ready to party while packing some stuff! Maybe bake some coquito cupcakes or a nice tipsy coquito flan... Hmmm! I like the sound of that!

You've been such a good friend for listening to my creepy management story! You deserve a big bottle of this coquito!

What's your story? On a scale of 1 to 10, how's been your year? Write me a comment with your 2020 story!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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