Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

Buttery sweet cookies, perfect for a movie night!

Keto chocolate chip cookies

What a divine thing to do... to rip open a bag of cookies and just devour them all by yourself in a single bite! If only tomorrow there were no consequences for all that sugar! Most people know cookies don’t work that way. They act as they please, toying with our feelings!

That’s exactly what I feel when I try to stay in my healthy eating lifestyle and then have to go grocery shopping with my husband and the kids. That’s the exact moment when I suffer a cookie meltdown. Why would I say no to store-bought cookies? Why would I want to eat store-bought cookies? See the debate? Against cookies... I always lost.

When online school ended, I found myself with a little more time at my disposal. What to do, what to do? With a profound passion for baking and developing new recipes, I started the kitchen experiment looking for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Not any cookie would do. This baby needed to be special. So soft in the middle, yet a little crumbly around, lots of chocolate chips and maybe nuts... And most importantly, they needed to fit my nutritional necessities. I’ll admit that reaching perfection took me at least two imperfect batches. But I’ll confess nothing was wasted. Ones were a little too hard, but we dunked those in milk and voila! Others ended with holes where the white chocolate chips were before baking. They were gone. No white chocolate chips. And I learned the hard way that white chocolate chips with stevia are mostly oil and they’ll melt, leaving the cookie soggy and with emptiness.

Keto chocolate chip cookies
Getting ready for Fight Night!

Still, tasted so good. But they needed perfection. They needed to be just like the real deal. And of course, the cookies needed to pass the worst test of all... to be approved by the husband and kids. Those three aren’t as experts in the kitchen as I am, yet... But believe me, they are excellent food critics.

People say third time is the charm, and only in baking cookies, I believe it. It was a charm indeed. Those cookies were so good that they were tested just out of the oven for crazy curiosity. Delicious. For the next 20 minutes, I tried my best to protect those warm babies from my always hungry family. 

Just then, I gave each one of them one single cookie. I loved the expressions on their faces. Just what I was aiming for. To see that satisfaction in their faces! Priceless! The cookies were so good that right after the first testing, I was bribed to make not just one but two more batches!

This recipe is very easy to do. Low carb and Keto.  So delicious you'll want more! Crispy on the outside and soft and buttery inside! Add nuts for a great combo! Or don't use chocolate chips... and make them sugar cookies!

What are you waiting for? Let's do this!



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