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Quarantine has forced us to stay inside the house, distant from friends and without much available in the entertainment department, so we are inclined to the electronics. Of course, we have tried a lot of other activities. Backyard fun in the trampoline, inside the house parties for us and road trips without leaving the car. But it's been almost 8 months and that's just too much.

Kids and adults have found a refugee in electronics these days, video games among the preferred -if not the top choice.

We are not an exception. The PS4, Nintendo Switch and I have made a deal. My kids enjoy a variety of games, from Minecraft, to Fortnite, Mario Kart, Clash Royal, Human Fall Flat (I still don't find a sense of humor to it) and Resident Evil. But the one we all enjoy playing is Call of Duty Black Ops 3. We take turns to play as a team against other online players. Sometimes, the four of us play against each other.

Black Ops 3 is entertaining, with a variety of locations where we can play. Many afternoons, the poor neighbors probably hear us screaming and fighting in excitement. But the arguing is not between us but against the rest of the players. Having improved our weapons to the max level, it's frustrating to have a gunfight against a player that's cheating.

We still play old-school. No mods for us yet. But the number of mods and cheats in the game makes it impossible to enjoy sometimes. Cheaters have gone as far as creating an auto-heal feature in modded controllers. As if it wasn't enough with the auto-headshots, super-fast reloads, sprinting like the Overdrive Specialist and an insane rapid-fire in a lame weapon, they needed to be immortals as well.

Before BO3, we loved Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for Wii U. In our opinion, this was by far the best of all games in the Call of Duty series. We are always waiting for the day in which the company decides to remaster the game for PS4.

For this great shooting game, we have created fun names for all of us. Customizing the avatar is fun as well, and even better to choose different specialist weapons to take down even more players from the opposite team.

Black Ops 4 kinda let us down. Even on a giant tv, the opposite team cannot be seen until it's too late.

Even if the quarantine comes to an end, we'll certainly continue playing Black Ops.

And what will happen now that PS5 is coming to light? Will it be worthy? Will it really meet our expectations? Will it really work with our PS4 games? Will someday the wonderful Black Ops 3 will be adapted for the current PS console?

We'll see!

Lots of love,


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