Is your husband ashamed of you?

7 reasons your husband may feel ashamed of you... CLUE: none of them is your fault.

Men and women feel a huge variety of emotions for a big range of reasons. We expect to always feel loved, cared for, desired by our husbands. We always want to feel admired and respected by him. That's the ultimate goal in a relationship. Without those pretty sweet elements, no relationship can survive long term.

But love, respect, care, admiration... that's not always a reality. Sadly, men and women are always in between fights that can be resumed in the unmentionable battle of sexes. One member of the relationship tends to feel superior instead of equal. They enter a marriage -a partnership- just to continue the eternal unspoken competition of who's the best: men vs. women.

Despite men and women react to this silent competition in very different ways, I believe women are the ones who end up hurt more often.

Men... They simply don't care. Or pretend they don't until it's too late. Men act as if nothing damages them just because they don't feel like talking about sentiments and emotional stuff. They act as if they need no approval in the whole world beyond their own. And in most cases, they care little or nothing about their wives' desires or intentions.

We -women- desire to have our husband's approval. Not because we need it, but because his approval means -to some extent- his admiration. And we crave to be admired by our husbands.

When our husband acts like he doesn't see us or he's ashamed of us we tend to judge ourselves too hard. What did I do? Am I looking ugly now? Is he acting this way because of these few pounds I gained? Am I not acting sexy enough? Am I not attractive or daring enough? Am I not doing something that I should? Am I not pleasing him as he wishes? Is my career a problem for him? Would he prefer if I strip like camgirls?