I lost 15 inches in 30 days: Why and how

This process has been tremendous for me! I started my weight loss journey back in 2010. 10 years have passed! YAY, 10 years! I've had my ups and downs, but that was something to expect in such long time.

Did I say it's been 10 years? Yes, 10 years ago I was sick and weighting 220+ pounds. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. Had problems breathing and sleeping. I couldn’t stay on my feet for long. I couldn’t stay asleep.

I wasn't happy.

Not because I was overweight or fat. Not because of the love handles around my waist. I wasn’t happy because I felt sick. My body wasn't healthy, and I was hurting it even more. My blood pressure was borderline heart attack, my legs couldn’t resist my body. I was overall tired.

That was the physical part of it. Been sick and overweight, feeling so unhappy, had a terrible emotional damage in me. I was insecure. I was scared. I couldn’t recognize the person reflected in the mirror. In fact, I hated her.

Yeap. That's me back in 2008 or so... I was 24 years old, but I definitely looked way older.

I used to be happy. My body was hourglass shaped. Nice hips, round buns, small waist. I loved it all so much I used to care for it! Then, life changed. I was unhappy in my life. Full of goals that went to a sudden death, was just something that happened to me.

I became a mom. I tried hard. But still I wasn’t happy. Why was that happening to me? I was in love with myson. He made me feel full. Still I hated myself.

It took me years to understand that I had abandoned myself to meet the demands of those that surrounded me by then. Been listening to people judging moms who leave the kids at daycares to go to workouts or to the salon really made an impression on me. For long time, I felt guilty to do those things. Thus, I just didn’t. I took care of people. But the one I needed to care the most –Myself- was left lagging.

Many people don’t see what you do for them as a blessing, rather than as an obligation you have. They feel entitled to be served, listened, respected. But in return, you can expect nothing.

One day I opened my eyes to my cruel reality. I was unhappy. People around me didn’t care. Yes, they did, they will say. But they didn’t. Someone who doesn’t listen what you have to say, someone who doesn’t respect your individuality, someone who always lets you down, someone who doesn’t remember what you say, someone who doesn’t comprehend why you feel so depressed, someone who just say you need to let go, is someone who doesn’t care. Something so easy as a partner who writes wrong your name, is someone who doesn’t care. When you go back to all the photo album or picture galleries in your phone or laptop, check how many pictures of you exist. You happy, you pretty, you full body... There’s so little? Only found selfies? Were you tagged in a family picture when you looked your worse? I understand it all.

Forgive me if you think I’m wrong. I’m not. But your time to discover it hasn’t come yet. You will. Don't worry.

2014 aprox. There you have this happy babe with 31 years, looking younger and obviously happier.

When that eye-opening day came, everyone around me went to chaos. But I was determined to think of me. To take care of myself and never give up doing it ever.

That day, I started taking the time to fix my hair, to eat without waiting for the rest of the family to eat, to cook what was best for me rather than cooking what others wanted. I used to do grocery shopping based on what others wanted me to buy. That came to an end as well.

I imposed my intentions, and I was faithful to it. I was determined to be loyal to myself. I was so tired to go with the flow that I started resenting every little thing and those things made me bitter.

Many changes were needed in my life in order to be happy again, but I decided to face them all. Long years have passed by and I’m very proud of each and every change I made. All those things led me to the happy woman I am today.

Adding exercise in my sedentary life was the next step, after starting to eat healthy. At the beginning I was so tired that giving up would have been so easy. But I didn’t allow myself to nag, and I managed to feel better each time. Every sweat I gave, every part that felt sore, every lettuce that I learned to enjoy, opened a path to a new happy lifestyle.

I started loving the person smiling back at me in the mirror. I started taking pictures of myself. I started enjoying the process of life. I began to enjoy. Stopping to set the camera to auto-shoot so I could appear fully in the picture made me realize I needed to make myself present, because clearly nobody cared enough to help me be there. To actually exist.

Ten years later, I’ve learned a few things about accepting my body and loving every bit of me!

For me, mid 130’s is the weight I feel comfortable and happy in. Is where I feel healthy and sexy. As an Empowered Curvy, my body image is important to me. Not for what people think of my body, not for vanity, but because my curves make me feel powerful, beautiful, happy and healthy. Because I love to see this woman in the mirror and just flirt with her... tell her how important she is, how big she has become, how much I love her!

Quarantine gave me a few more pounds than what I was ready to deal with. My jeans yelled when I tried to zip them. Of course, I could have bought new jeans, but would I do that after I have trouble with the new jeans? NO! That was what happened to me more than 16 years ago.

Me, myself & I (from June quarantine weight to after my 30 days challenge)

I’ve learned to deal with my changes until I feel comfortable again. Losing those extra pounds was the right thing to do for my body.

As a curvilicious baby, my curves are very important for me! My curves make me feel sexy, healthy and happy. I'm in love with my curves, with my body and that's why I challenge myself to be healthy. Of course I'm not skinny. I don't plan to be. Skinny doesn't equal happy! I love my meats. I adore them. I am in love with myself. That is the strongest statement ever. That's the most important thing to achieve! To be in love with yourself! I try to empower woman to be happy with themselves, to love their bodies, to work with their health until feeling comfortable. People will talk. Always. People will call vanity your efforts for health. Don't listen to people who do nothing. Listen to your body!

I embrace my body, its beauty, its flaws. I accept the fact that I have stretch marks –but who doesn’t? I love the fact that I have cellulite. I’ve been a very happy and energetic woman with cellulite. Some skin will be hanging... so what! Aren’t those things signs of wars that I have won? Aren’t those reminders of my battles? Our flaws are also our beauty. The acceptance of those things. How you manage to feel full, to live plenty, to give and take the most.

here, I share what I have done to go from an unhappy 24 years old sick person weighting 220+ pounds, to a very happy empowered curvilicious babe in the mid 130's.

I’ve detailed my process to lose 15 inches and 15 pounds in the last 30 days in the following links:

https://www.empoweredcurvy.com/post/30-days-health-improving-challenge (Here is the diet detailed and explained)

https://www.empoweredcurvy.com/post/results-week-1-healthy-challenge (week 1 menu)

https://www.empoweredcurvy.com/post/30-days-health-improving-challenge-week-2 (week 2 menu)

https://www.empoweredcurvy.com/post/week-3-of-the-healthy-challenge (week 3 menu)

https://www.empoweredcurvy.com/post/final-results-of-my-30-days-health-improving-challenge (week 4 menu and my final results)

I’ll summarize it all now.

  • Eat 8 oz lean meat each day (divide in 2 meals). Depending on your body, you might need more.

  • Drink at least half your weight in water ounces.

  • Eat a veggie with each meat serving.

  • Eat one fruit a day (orange, strawberry, apple pr grapefruit are the best options)

  • Sleep at least 7 hours.

  • Moderate exercise is okay (what about sexy time? Of course, as long as you sweat!)

  • Do not cheat! Stick to this plan for at least a month!

  • Make a journal with your foods.

  • Weight yourself every day.

  • Weight your meats before cooking it.

  • Check my 30 days healthy challenge to know exactly what I did.

What I have learned in my long journey to a healthier happier me?

  • You must be in the right place of self-love to start this journey. This means you are doing this because you love yourself, because you know your value, because you’re tremendous. Because of yourself.

  • Nobody cares about your body. Believe me, nobody. If you’re healthy, people don’t care. If you’re sick, they don’t care either. Is this to be a guy’s choice? Please, don’t. You’re not a piece of meat. Don’t allow yourself to be treated as such.

  • Your body is enough. YOU are more than enough. Is your health enough? That’s what all this is about.

  • If someone loves you, your body is just an accessory. A relic made of gold! 

  • To succeed in this weight loss journey you need to create a good relationship with food- healthy food. Learn to love what you eat.

  • Is okay to have those fries every once in a while.

  • Vanity is never a good motivator for a journey so energy consuming as this one.

  • You will fail sometimes. You will stall. You will get mad. You’ll want to quit. Don’t.

Want to give it a try? I'm here to help.

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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