How to take revenge of a lying S.O.

When someone hurts us, we tend to question ourselves tons of time: What have I done to cause such insult? It's a particular, the hurting phase will quickly be forgotten.

But what happens if our significant other is the one hurting us? What happens when Prince Charming turns out to be just a lying bastard Pinocchio? Damn, we are angry and heartbroken. And we have every right to be. That person in which we trusted everything we are, the one we thought incapable of causing pain and suffering, has now taken our heart and used it as toilet paper. Literally. Filled our heart with the stinkiest, worst crap of all times... His lies.

Yeah, of course, we will fall into the wrong place of forgetting and forgiving when it happens for the first time. His new lie will be even more convincing and soon the argument will end in oblivion. Our heart, constricted with the anaconda of his lies will -once again- start looking at the good in him. And that's how a mirage is created!

Probably, you even start looking at your fault in all this chaos. Because that's what we do, we try to take responsibility from the lying side. We try to make their loads lighter, but our own load starts overburdening. And it becomes our fault when he keeps repeating the same pattern over and over again. That crap is on us for always trying to find golden glitter in dog's poop.

A little bit of time elapsed, guess what? Yeap, you got it right. The lying comes back, gloriously shining in the red carpet of your seemingly stable couple's life. Now what? Ultimatums given and ignored, opportunities given and mutilated, your lying S.O. makes his way smiling and talking like nothing has happened. How does he manage to be so cynical? Who is this stranger and where is the man I thought that loved me?