How to keep your wife's love tank full

Sometimes is very hard for a man to know how to make his woman happy. I cannot blame them at 100%. Maybe 50% is our own fault because we don't verbalize what we need. Maybe call it shame. But how could we say those things out loud, if we are taught to never make claims, to never challenge a man, to never feel superior even when we deserve it? How could we say "I want you to touch me like this and that" if we are educated to be "decent", "obedient" and "submissive" little persons? How a woman can freely express her affective and sexual needs when she's only taught about how dirty and sinful sex is?

If your wife tells you all these things, good for you! Are you doing the job? f so, I bet you're having plenty of fun. Aren't you doing your part? Hmmm... Make a reality check here...

Men, if you haven't noticed yet, a lady is in need of much more than just hot steaming sex. She needs some of that too, (or a lot of that!). Don't get it wrong, she's not that frigid person that society makes you think she is. She's all tender flesh and soft emotions with one hell of a frisky personality. So, besides having the craziest sexy adventures with you, your sweet cupcake of a wife needs one sprinkle of each of the following things:

What a wo