How to keep your wife's love tank full

Sometimes is very hard for a man to know how to make his woman happy. I cannot blame them at 100%. Maybe 50% is our own fault because we don't verbalize what we need. Maybe call it shame. But how could we say those things out loud, if we are taught to never make claims, to never challenge a man, to never feel superior even when we deserve it? How could we say "I want you to touch me like this and that" if we are educated to be "decent", "obedient" and "submissive" little persons? How a woman can freely express her affective and sexual needs when she's only taught about how dirty and sinful sex is?

If your wife tells you all these things, good for you! Are you doing the job? f so, I bet you're having plenty of fun. Aren't you doing your part? Hmmm... Make a reality check here...

Men, if you haven't noticed yet, a lady is in need of much more than just hot steaming sex. She needs some of that too, (or a lot of that!). Don't get it wrong, she's not that frigid person that society makes you think she is. She's all tender flesh and soft emotions with one hell of a frisky personality. So, besides having the craziest sexy adventures with you, your sweet cupcake of a wife needs one sprinkle of each of the following things:

What a woman needs to keep her love reserves at the maximum level:

Have details with her -Guys are always complaining that women are just "gold-diggers" interested in money, nice trips and expensive gifts. Maybe you have met the wrong type of girls so far. When a woman asks you to be more detail-oriented, she's asking you to be thoughtful. Surprise her with flowers from time to time, and for no reason. Send her a cute text message before starting to work. Leave her a love note inside her car. Order something online for her. Your wife isn't expecting expensive things she can buy on her own, she's just needing a little reminder that you have her in your thoughts.

Call her -A call from you will mean the world for her. You never know when she's having a shitty day and how happy you'll make the rest of her day. Don't you dare call her with the "I miss you" excuse because you left your lunch at home or need her to pick up some stuff for you!

Answer the phone when she calls- As important as calling her from time to time, picking the phone when she calls is equally important. That doesn't mean you have to abandon an important meeting to answer her call. It means you must be accessible. You can always call her back as soon as you leave the meeting.

Don't be shady- If something a loyal woman cannot withstand is shadiness. Acting like you're hiding things will raise a red flag and her love levels will feel threatened. Be open and honest.

Don't leave her with doubts- When your wife asks something she either knows the answer already or is giving you the chance to be honest before she sees herself forced into detective mode. Cut the crap and clarify her doubts. Half answers, omission or avoidance only make your wife suspicious and resentful. Don't go thinking your wife wouldn't understand if you don't give her the opportunity. What she will never understand are lies, half-truths and secrets.

Listen to her- But most importantly, remember what she says. One of the things women find hard to put behind after an argument is telling you important stuff just to discover you were hearing but not listening. Your ability to listen is one of the most important things she'll consider when making an inventory of your pros and cons.

Make time for her -Your wife needs you in her life. She wants you there. Present. She doesn't need to see you laying on the couch for 10 hours playing video games, waiting to be fed. She needs quality time to talk, cuddle and live.

Acknowledge her -Knowing that you have her on a high pedestal is like the additive you put to the gas tank. It's designed to last longer, clean the way and boost the car's performance. When you praise your wife, when you talk about her with other people, she feels like she could fly.

Show her off -Take your wife out. Accompany her, doesn't matter if she's just going grocery shopping. When you're a proud man who loves to be seen with such babe, she'll be so enamored with you that she'll reward you! And with interests.

Invite her to dates -Take her to the movies or a restaurant. Or just to a walk in the park. Even when those dates are at home because the budget is tight, have the initiative. Make coffee for her!

Make sure she "burst" -Sorry, guys, but this is super important. Do you know how you feel when you can't get your release? Yeap, I know you're suddenly feeling that tight painful sensation just by thinking about it... A woman is not that different from you. She has needs as well. Climaxing (with you and because of you, not during your absence or hiding in the shower) is one of the things that makes a woman feel loved and cared for. Here's one of the occasions that Almost doesn't count. Make sure she trembles!

Be her friend. -A friend is someone who's always there to listen. Someone with who you can vent without worrying about anything else. From time to time, she needs you to be that person to whom she can talk.

Talk to her about feelings -Are you feeling worried? Insecure? Why don't you tell her? She's desperate to know what you feel. She loves to hear you're aching for love for her.

Be her hero, but don't make a big deal of it -She saves your life every day by doing all the things that keep you functional, like your laundry, your hot homemade meals, she even prepared your snacks for work. She answers those calls you prefer to send to voice mail but that needs to be addressed and inclusive she send your family's Christmas gifts. I'm sure she's not reminding you how she saves your ass every time you're hungry at work and magically you have great snacks (other than Hot pockets or Maruchan...)

Make the effort for both -Sometimes, she will feel broken. Maybe, on some occasion, you let her down. She'll feel exhausted or just defeated. Be strong for both when she feels the need to withdraw. When her heart is aching, try harder, love her deeper, commit stronger.

Is not that hard to keep your wife feeling loved. You just have to be intentional with it. Just like you, she has needs that require extra effort sometimes.

Put this to good practice and your wife's love tank will be full and you'll be walking towards a very pleasing relationship.

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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