How to: help your kids to be independent

Because they'll need it, no matter how close you are!

I've always thought, our children are meant to be taken care of, educated, loved and taught to be valuable citizens for our society. In between all these, there's also the need to teach them to be independent.

Let's see... What being independent actually means?

Independent= free from outside control; not depending on another's authority; or, not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence.

Exactly what we must aim to achieve in life! To be free from controlling authorities, and to be self-sufficient.

Years ago, I had this argument with a person. He stated that kids need to learn to "survive" by their own means. And I was totally against that principle. For me, leaving my kids to just survive, was to throw them in a world they know nothing about and wait for a miracle to happen. In my motherly heart, there's no space for just the hope of my kids' survival.

How will they survive in a world like this? How will they know how to differentiate between good and wrong without a guide? How was I capable of just doing as animals do, send my cubs to have the experience, and perhaps make mistakes and end up like been someone else's dinner?