How to be your husband's mistress

#husbands #happymarriage

A husband might be this person who lives in your same house but never remembers where the things are... But despite the ability to forget where they/we keep the screwdriver or the coffee filters... Or the little pantry full of tissue paper and toothpaste he seems to be oblivious of, a good husband is a treasure to protect.

Many times I joke about silly things my husband do, and other times I'm very harsh with some other men's behaviours. I've come to understand some men are good, some are asses.

Asses are asses probably since the beginning of time. There's no way to succeed in changing a man like that. Some of those asses got worse because they married a nice lady who prefered to stay quiet, obedient, enduring in silence all kinds of gross stuff like been disrespected, hurt, cheated,... A good woman who remains silent leads an ass to continue been a much worse ass.

There's a saying: "Behind a good man, there's a great woman." And I think this is so true! So, if you're lucky enough to have a good guy, let me tell you how to reward him by being your husband's best friend, his wife and his mistress!

1. Men need encouragement too. When you tell your husband how good he's for a certain thing, he feels you tell him he's good. Period. For a man, being told that he's good at doing things, is like a compliment for a nice makeup for us ladies.

2. You married him, but he also needs a reminder of why! Not just that you chose him that time when y