Why I started blogging and how it has changed my life

I've been writing for Empowered Curvy for only a few months, and it's been wild. Fun and wild! Like the meme says: Just like a walk in the park: Jurassic Park!

This adventure, like many others in my life... I have kept it a quasi-secret. Haven't made a big fuss of this, but someday I will.

A lot was happening in my life before starting my Empowered Curvy journey. This is not a new thing. I'll tell you!

My journey to writing began when I was just 6 years old. I was in first grade and I remember my teacher telling the classroom about a poetry contest. At that age, I knew nothing about poetry or literature or anything. In fact, the only thing I knew was to write: words, sentences, numbers, math problems. The "writing" was -I think- the first skill my mom taught me. Writing and reading at the age of 4, I was like a prodigy baby!

Having developed at 4 what other kids start learning at the age of 6, I was always bored. My cousin and I, hitting each other with our Natiora dolls right in the middle of the classroom, got into plenty of trouble.

I remember going back home (the day that the competition was informed) and asking my mom about poems or how to write one. I believe she told me a vague summary of whats and hows before resuming her never-ending tasks. With the little I had, I made my journey to the living room. Kneeling in front of the couch, I started scribbling sentences that eventually discarded and joined and discarded again. Until it was time to go to bed.