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Almost two weeks to return to school (Scratch that...) To back to Home-School. Many parents have chosen to continue the online teaching method, instead of in-school. I don’t blame them. Cannot blame myself for voting for it. I think that -at the moment- is the best decision for the wellbeing of my kids. Except socially, because I know they miss interacting with other people. People their age. And they have every right to feel sad because of it.

But how we need to prepare for this new challenging online school semester? Most of our kids do the majority of their work in their school iPads. Make sure to get the insurance- just in case.

My son does like 99% of his homework in the iPad (he’s a sophomore now!). Apart from that, paper and pencils are what he needs the most to do math calculations.

But last online semester taught me that it’s a very different story if your kid is in Elementary School. STEM labs... printing documents that kids need to fill... Art projects... You name it... young kids have to do it!

It was kinda difficult to find materials for different projects, especially at the beginning of the quarantine. We love DIY projects and almost never stay the easy way. We love to create and innovate a lot! But at the beginning we weren’t prepared.

Here, I put together a list of materials you better have on home for when the Homeworks arrive. Make sure to provide your sweet and lovely kids with an illuminated and comfy study area and with water and healthy snacks for the long day!

A little further on, I share some printable forms to simplify the organization of school work. Meanwhile, check out the school supplies list I put together for this school year!

Most of all, enjoy sharing your kids' learning! Soon, they'll be in college and independent. Not babies anymore. Enjoy the most of them now.



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