30 Holiday gifts for your wife

The one & only Christmas guide for husbands! What to gift your wife this Christmas! (Because she says she just wants your love!) -Don't worry: LINKS INCLUDED!

Maybe these monologues sound familiar for most of you, guys!

"Oh, honey! That's so sweet! But you don't have to bother."

"I have it all, baby!"

"I don't need a present, just your love!"

We, women, are so understanding, right! Right? Nope. Wrong! we are not understanding at all! That's part of our nature!

When a woman says these sort of things, she clearly means: "Of course I hope you get me a present!"

"Duh, I have it all, but you can be creative!" "Don't you dare forget my Christmas present this year! I swear you'll be sleeping on the couch till next summer."

The problem is... we barely say the thing that we want. We expect you -our loving wedded husband- to read our minds and understand that we really REALLY expect you to gift us with those boots we showed you last August. Come on! Don't you remember? The BOOTS? When I was browsing Facebook and a boot shop ad pop-up? How come you forgot those boots that I fell in love with? You never listen.

See how we work? We barely say those things DIRECTLY. Because we secretly want you to remember those tiny little things. But what we want the most is for you to be nice to us, to have a little detail to show us that you remembered!

I know how frustrating it must be for you- dedicated husband- to try to please your wife and surprise her with something nice, especially now that Christmas is coming.

I know it's unfair on our part... to have such expectations in such unimportant details. We know you're very busy and preoccupied with work, and those things will slip to the back of your mind. Just a memory that will quickly vanish. And you're right, dear husband. You have all the reasons to be upset about our high expectations.

Why this woman cannot say: "Baby, I want these exact boots for Christmas! I'll send you a screenshot!"

Easy, right? For you, men, it is. But for us, I don't even know why it's so hard to just say exactly those words.

It must be easy. But we're wired weirdly, just as your wires are sometimes doing short-circuits and we can't understand you.

I'm trying to help you here, believe me! I want you to get lucky tonight! Trust me on this. I know how much you hate to go shopping, how you hate stores and the endless browsing of items that we love but end up not buying. Frustrating, right? I understand. I'm one of those few women who hate window shopping. When my mom and my sister dragged me to the mall I tried to put on my nicest face, but... not my thing.

As I know you hate going to the shopping center, I made it easy for you! Online shopping!

Here you have 30 great gift ideas for all budgets. Maybe not all these ideas will be of your wife's liking, but believe me, here you'll find that special detail to make her melt with love. I left out of this list all conventional things like make-up or new hairstyling tools because probably she has a very strict policy with those items (I do!). So, is very probable she prefers to choose those specific things herself.

Do not risk your life buying her a makeup foundation. The 50 shades of hell will fall upon you if you don't get her tone and preferred finish right.

Don't dig your own grave buying her perfume because the pretty lady at the store (and by the pretty lady I mean her persuasive boobs popping) convinced you that the perfume she wears is what you should get for your wife. Your wife may be allergic to its smell, and to the store lady as well. So, you've been warned! (Believe me, I've seen it!)

And please, please! Do not give her a cheap coffee maker or blender because that was the first thing you saw at the store when you escaped home looking for a quick gift on December 25.

So, here you have these 30 wonderful gift ideas. Just click on each picture for the price or buying option!

30 Holiday gifts to your wife that you can get online!

***Each item and picture contains the item's link. Just click on it and you'll get the price!***

  1. Statement necklace- The vast majority of women love jewelry. Having enough necklaces is never enough, as long as we have an outfit to combine. This one is full of color, yet elegant. Perfect for a wife that's joyful, mysterious and sexy! (Click image for link!)

2. Or maybe this one: This necklace is definitely one of those things I'll want to wear with jeans or a little black dress. It screams "I'm an Empowered Curvy Mamma" everywhere! (Click image for link!)

3. These super cute matching pajamas for the whole family- If you are a family man, buying these matching pajamas will get you lots of extra points! We, wives, highly respect a man who includes the whole family. Give it to her on Christmas Eve to start the pajama party! What's left? Watch a Christmas movie together with hot cocoa! (Click image for link!)

4. A date night coupon booklet- Sometimes, women expect men to plan date nights. The same way men want women to initiate sexy time, women expect romance and dates that are -actually- your idea! This booklet has lots of preset dates, plus blank coupons so you can offer your own! (Click image for link!)

5. One of these incredible care packages- We get hungry, too! You know that, right! When we say we aren't hungry but start eating from your food... how infuriating s that? Treat your lovely wife with a nice care package with healthy snacks! If she's into fitness, you have a keto care package. Perfect for those days of endless hunger! (Click image for link!)

6. Godiva gift basket! - Because who doesn't love chocolate? Packed with a little bit of everything chocolate, this Godiva basket says you may not know a thing about women's shoes, but you certainly know a lot about her chocolate love! (Click image for link!)

7. A delicious chocolate tower- Another chocolate option for the wife with a sweet tooth! A variety of bonbons and cookies impossible to resist! (Click image for link!)

8. 14k white gold earrings- A beautiful pair of 14k white gold earrings is a beautiful detail to show how much you care! (Click image for link!)

9. A gift basket for the coffee lovers- If your wife's a coffee addict, you'll certainly win the golden prize with this amazing basket! (Click image for link!)

Or this one! (Click image for link!)

10. Beautiful pen set for your Boss Lady- This set of pens is one of those gifts that are hard to use because they are so cute she'll want to keep it for yourself! Perfect for the writer, blogger, planner, wife and mom! (Click image for link!)

11. A cute coffee mug to remind her who's the boss- A thoughtful gift that's ready to give! It comes in a cute gift box with a silky interior, making this an appropriate gift for your queen! (Click image for link!)

12. Christmas lingerie!- A gift for her meant to be enjoyed by you! Gift her pretty seasonal lingerie. Get ready with just your Santa hat to complete her gift with a little bit of you! (Click image for link!)

13. A funny blouse for the gamer wife- If your wife -like me- is one of those gamer girls who scream at the tv when she gets killed on Call of Duty, a funny blouse will remind both of you why she is your queen! Gamer queen! (Click image for link!)

14. A power bank that's also a hand warmer- Speaking of thoughtful gifts, this one is the mother of them all. Now that winter is finally here, we tend to complain of cold hands (no, we won't get cold feet with you!). Well, this one comes with lots of surprises. It's full of functionalities (like a night light and power bank!) and keeps her hands warm. All in one! I want two! (Click image for link!)

15. The gift of choosing what she wants with this gift card- I know how hard it is to buy a thoughtful present for a woman who has it all. A gift card is a nice detail because we women can think of at least a dozen things we would choose -although -indeed- we have it all! (Click image for link!)

Gift card ideas here

16. A barista-style espresso machine- As a happy owner of this specific baby, I don't regret any single cent! It has saved me tons of latte and cappuccino money! A few years ago, I worked as a Barista at a coffee shop. I can tell you this espresso machine has nothing to envy to those five thousand dollars Italian machines! This one comes with everything your wife needs: coffee grinder, tamper, stainless steel pitcher. Just need good quality coffee! If your wife is a coffee addict, this extremely thoughtful gift will help you score big time! (Click image for link!)

17. Egyptian cotton towels- Pamper her inner Greek goddess with the luxury of hotel towels at home! Probably escaping to a hotel is not a good idea right now or it's outside the budget, but she can enjoy the extravagance of a hotel with Egyptian cotton towels. (Click image for link!)

18. A velvet blanket like the night sky- Cuddle with her under this soft blanket to watch a movie together! Soft to the touch and attractive to her eyes, this velvet blanket will keep her heart warm! (Click image for link!)

19. Silicone baking molds- Surprise your baking addict wife with some out of this world silicone molds! Women who love to bake always appreciate nice baking stuff. And a mold with a new shape we don't have is bliss! (Click image for link!)

20. Inspirational journals- If your wife enjoys writing, an inspirational journal is a thoughtful gift. (Click image for link!)

or this baroque gold journal: with Italian paper and that gift box, I know she'll love it! (Click image for link!)

21. A sexy trench coat- Both functional and sexy, a trench coat is a perfect gift for the wife fashionista! (Click image for link!)

22. Noise-canceling headphones- Believe me on this. Moms and wives NEED to have a pair of these. There are days that we just can't put up with the world. Sometimes, we need just the silence (of people around us) and the noise of our music and our deep breathing. (Click image for link!)

23. Aromatherapy for the house- One of the things women love the most is arriving at our home and be greeted by a soothing scent. This diffuser comes with 10 different essential oils and changes colors! It's a beauty! (Click image for link!)

24. A shameless planner- For the strong, confident woman, a year-long planner that's full of swears and cuss is one entertaining gift! If your smart wife loves some fun in her daily routine, this is definitely a gift to consider. (Click image for link!)

25. Warm socks to survive the cold winter- Our feet get cold. Take care of your wife's feet with these cute warm socks! (Click image for link!)

26. Her own blogging studio- If your wife is exploring the blogging and YouTubing world, treat her with her own studio. This set has everything she needs to start making videos and photos! (Click image for link!)

27. A sexy little red dress- Of course! It's Christmas! A red dress is a must-have. This sexy little dress will make jaws drop on your next date night! (Click image for link!)

28. Or the perfect little black dress- A little black dress never gets old-fashioned. On the contrary, it's a classic. Your wife will certainly be the envy of the party! (Click image for link!)

29. A velvet trench coat that's to die for- I can't see a flaw in this runaway trenchcoat! So fancy, your wife will feel she's on a designer's catwalk! (Click image for link!)

30. A super kinky date night box subscription- What could be better than a kinky date night box that's delivered monthly straight to your wife's doorstep! Plus, it is a wonderful gift for both of you! (Click image for link!)

There you have it! 30 amazing gift ideas that will warm your wife's heart!

You're right on time to buy her a present and receive it straight to your home. No stores. No lines full of coughing people. No face masks!

It doesn't get easier than that! You can thank me later! Happy holidays!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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