Healthy & Wealthy Coffee Mug cake

Don't let it fool you! Ready in less than five minutes, this delicious personal cake will be in your sweet memories for a long time!

For the past weeks, I've been kinda obsessed with mug cakes! I've done pizzas in a mug, bread in a mug and tens of different recipes of Less than 5 minutes mug cakes!

Every time I create a new one, I end up deciding that this new recipe is my favorite. And that happens every single time.

See, the mug cake obsession started long ago, but lately, my daughter is been constantly asking me for new cake recipes. More flavors. More variations. More of everything. Less time.

In-person school started, which, for some reason reduces my daily time... I don't know why would that be...

But every afternoon after dinner, my daughter comes wondering what she could snack... maybe a new mug cake?

My kids (9 and 15) are in the middle of the growth stage, so they are always hungry! Cannot blame them! Sometimes I'm (always) hungry too!

This Healthy & Wealthy Coffee Mug Cake comes as a result of my coffee addiction. One afternoon, the hubby and I were talking about life issues and we had this great idea... There are things you don't discuss unless you have coffee and cake right in front of you! So, we got down to work. He made the cappuccinos and I whisked together these two babies not knowing how it would taste.

It turns out that talking about certain things -like family, friends and acquaintances' issues- is funnier with cappuccinos and a deliciously spongy coffee mug cake!

Some thoughts about this mug cake:

  • It's so spongy and moist you can eat it without any topping, but what about a keto ice cream ball on top? Yummy!

  • You can add more coffee granules for an extra coffee kick, but this recipe as is tastes glorious!

  • Feel free to use or omit the chocolate chips. They are not needed, but always welcomed!

  • If deciding on chocolate chips, fold them inside the batter after everything is well combined.

  • If coconut flour isn't something you have on hand, you can use 3 tbsp. almond flour instead. Please note the nutrition fact will change!

  • Don't try whisking it all together with cold hard cream cheese. You'll need such a strong arm and a nice bicep and tricep.

  • Don't have cream cheese on hand? Don't worry! Substitute the cream cheese for an equal amount of butter!

  • Wanna go a little bit fancier? Substitute the cream cheese for Mascarpone cheese and add 1 tsp. rum for a tiramisu-like mug cake. Nasty!!!

Looking for more low carb/keto recipes? Have you tried my other mug cake recipes? Check it out here!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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