Happy Grandparents Day

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Who remembers been a little kid visiting the grandparents? I bet most of you have great memories of grandma sneaking with you to the kitchen to give you another treat! Maybe you were the picky eater, and grandpa sneaked to the store nearby to get you a bread loaf to have with some butter.

I do remember gathering at the grandparents house just to share with the cousins. But I also remember the great times I had with my grandparents.

My father's mom, she was so jovial! It was super fun to be with her. She taught me how to color, because believe me I sucked at coloring. She had a great technique! She was a very cool woman! ALso very emotional. Every once in a while she ordered stuff from the AVON books and she would gift us -the grandkids- with something. She was always thoughtful and adorable. I still remember her smell, her wrinkled skin, her smile. To honor her, I named my daughter after her.

My father's dad - he passed away when I was almost five years, but I remember him walking down the hill towards me playing in the garden every afternoon. He would swing me in his arms, giving me the safest place in the world. He was a very humble man.

My maternal grandma made the greatest of the foods. Probably we inherited the passion for cooking from her. She made the best pasteles, the best arroz con dulce for Christmas, the best tembleque. People from all over Puerto Rico ordered her pasteles not just for Christmas but for any special occasion. She wasn't funny. She was very strict. But her sternness was easily forgotten when she gave us one coconut or mantecado limber (a frozen treat). She was a very hardworking woman until her last day. Her cooking skills were inherited for my mom and her 4 siblings. They all have their own specialty in the kitchen department. My mom has her special talent for the pasteles, among other things.

My maternal grandpa is strong as an oak. He's almost 80 and still solid as a rock. As long as I can remember, he's always had his hair white, like nice cotton treads! He's a very funny and entertaining man. He knows no boundaries when wanting to do something. Probably from him I learned to be impatient. He hardly waits for someone when wanting to go somewhere or doing something. He's a wild soul. One of the few persons I know that doesn't go around judging. On the contrary, he's a welcoming open-minded man. When I was little, he used to carry me in his arms to see the lemon tree right behind their house. I still remember the fresh breeze caressing my girly curls and the citrusy scent of the lemons, and his laughs.

I'm not that kid anymore. I live far away. Of course I'll always be that little girl enjoying the lemon tree and the coloring books. Things are different now. I have my own kids, and they have their own grandparents to make memories with.

What can I say? They enjoy a lot to have my parents visiting. As we moved from Puerto Rico to Georgia, we don't physically share that often. But we always video call them every week. I'm grateful that my parents worked hard to have a great relationship with my kids. Grandparents are the support system for the parents. The reinforcement of the education and of values that parents teach. Now that they are grandparents, is their turn to pander the grandkids, as they never had the chance with their own kids, because they had their own responsibilities and jobs and debts to pay, so we could grow and live a better life.

Is so funny, yet a happy thing, when my parents send the kids a box through the mail. They wait for it with anxiety -the good anxiety! Because they know what they'll find inside. Lots of candies and sweet cookies that I give then very rarely, as I prefer to make it and bake it at home in a healthier way. They can be nibbling from those treats for so long, and they try to make those treats last, unsuccessfully.

Today is the national Grandparents Day! Lets celebrate for the grandparents we still have with us and pray for those that left a little earlier. Let's be grateful for the awesome people we have in our lives, for those grandparents that do thousands of efforts to share with their grandkids. Let's pray for the grandparents that stepped up to raise their grandbabies. May God give them good health and a very long life to cheer their offspring with their joyous stories!

Happy Grandparents Day!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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