The Ultimate Guide of 2020 Christmas gifts for teenagers

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

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Being a teenage boy is hard. I believe it is. I'm a mother of one. I know how difficult it must be, especially this year 2020. Our kids have endured the event of the century -probably. They have seen how their lives changed because of a pandemic that has killed over 1.35M people so far, and yet no vaccine. Before Covid-19, the deadliest known pandemic was in 1918. None of us were born yet. So, we are all living the deadliest event of our century.

Our kids have lost their friends, have seen their social interaction severely affected, their education at risk. There have been no real vacations or fun this year, so maybe it's time we take the matter into our own hands and give our teenagers a Christmas they'll never forget - and not due to Covid!

I was a teenager once, and it was kinda shitty. Those were different times, but still hard. I remember the Christmas when I dreamed of an Easy Oven, and I got a kit with a broom and duster. Wao! Never forgot that Christmas (in a bad way...). To this day I have a severe allergy to brooms. No kidding!

As teenagers, we start to take note and detail of how people act towards us. If the world around us is noticing us- teenagers-, gifts usually are a reflection of that scrutiny. We, teenagers, just want to be accepted and loved by others.

Seriously? Of course!

Why? Because it's very hard to gift a teenager with something he might really like. When you succeed in gifting something this teen boy actually likes and appreciates, you're kind of the coolest mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandma... You'll be the coolest relative for years to come!

Why is so hard to gift something meaningful to a teenage boy?

First, because being a teenager is to walk in that middle line where he still doesn't even know himself that well, because he's in the process of self-discovery. One day he likes a thing and merely 24 hours later he totally dislikes it. That's how it's like to be a teenager. Because it's totally normal (which makes the gift picking a hard task).

Either you gift an experience or the means to have one, make it one thoughtful gift! The teenager feels appreciated and respected as an individual when they receive gifts they actually like. Sometimes, we -the adults, overlook little details that show us how a teenager really is. And truth is, a teenager rarely says directly what he might like. So we need to get those little hints.

Is he into electronics? A fashion lover? Is he really into eclectic things like books? Is this teenage boy an adventurer?

A thoughtful gift is a very important thing for a teenager. You can never go wrong by gifting cash, but an actual wrapped present that surprises this teen boy pleasantly is a detail beyond this world.

The good thing is teenage boys have a few things in common to set the basis of gifts. First: They all love to dress nicely because no way they'll walk the streets looking out of style. Second: They all love electronics. No matter which consoles they prefer, there's always one gift to warm their hearts. Third: They love to be able to do what their peers do, like going to the movies or having ice coffee.

Here, we have put together a list of the top preferred gifts chosen by teenage boys. The best thing is you can just mail it directly if Covid-19 is in the way. Each item comes with its link to easily access!

Happy gift hunting! And don't forget to subscribe to get your free gifts here!

  1. Nike Huarache - every teenage boy wants the new NIKE's family addition. Huaraches come in a variety of colors, but this black style is among the most loved by teens! (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

2. Echo Dot with Alexa - What's life without music? Just a boring normal life. And a teenager doesn't like normal nor boring. They like rhythm and beats. There's no better way to keep dancing to their preferred music than an Echo with Alexa! This little thing goes a long way, obeying your teen's voice and answering questions. He can joke with Samuel Jackson! (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

3. Minger LED Strip Lights- A few months ago, I installed these awesome lights in my bedroom. Instantly, my son asked for some for his own room. These are so cool that they synchronize to the beat of his Amazon music. Now you see what a combo: the Eco and these LED lights! Best mom ever!

4. Sony PlayStation 5- Who's not waiting for it already? Even I am wanting a PS5. With the promise of even better graphics and the ability to play previous PS games, a PS5 is the top 1 gift on every teen's list this year. Need an excuse to expend that extra money? Think how terrible 2020 has been for your kid. (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

5. Adidas Men's Tiro 19 Training Pants- Teenagers look not only for comfort but also for style! Nice and affordable brands like Adidas offer our teenage boys the best of both worlds. Doesn't matter if your teenage boy is not into sports, what matters is they all love these training pants! Comfort and a good look! (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

6. Amazon Gift card- You can never go wrong with an Amazon Gift Card. I give you my word! My kids love Amazon gift cards! And they come with beautiful boxes perfect for Christmas. Don't have much time to pick another thoughtful gift? No problemo! You're giving your teen the gift of election! (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

7. This lazy Gaming Chair- Cute, isn't it? Every teenage boy loves to sit comfortably to play their favorite video games. This gaming chair has a lot of positions and it reclines! (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

8. A nice Chromebook like this- Not just for school, but for their daily activities. To write, to video blog, to chat with friends and family, to edit pictures... (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

9. 1-year PSN live membership - Don't know what to gift to your PS lover teenager? Well, a one-year membership! Even if they have one running, they can add an extra year without losing a single day! And a one-year membership means to get free games every month! Cool, right? (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

10. A Starbucks Gift card- yes, teens are obsessed with ice coffees and frozen caramel macchiatos too! It's not just us that have grown obsessed with coffee shops. Our kids have learned that from us. So, instead of giving some cash for coffee, a gift card is much more convenient! (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

11 . A GameStop gift card- Well, hello! What teenager doesn't like videogames? A gift card of something they love is the most thoughtful thing you can do! (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

12 . A PlayStation store gift card- (digital download) Cod points, maps, games... They can get whatever they like for their favorite games! Plus, it's a digital download, so you can print it or email it to your teenager. (In case you are short of time, it is perfect!) (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

13. Xbox store gift card- Just like the PS store gift card, this one is designed for those Xbox lovers! A lot of teenagers use Xbox these days. (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

14. Vans All Over Distorted Performance Pullover- Winter is coming and our teenagers like to feel warm and in style. How about this nice Vans pullover? In a variety of colors, there's no way to fail with this gift! (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

15. Nike men's cap- Teenagers like caps. Brand caps. Sports caps. But nothing surpasses the power of a black Nike cap, like this one! (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

16. This cool drone with 1080p HD camera- Take your teenager's phone to another level with this cool drone. Equipped with an HD camera, you are gifting hours of pure fun! (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

17. One cute winter jacket- To keep your teenager very well protected from winter's temperatures, a nice winter jacket like this one is the solution! Its length gives this fancy and mysterious vibe a' la James Bond! (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

18. The magic of hoverboard- Need to distract your teenager with something other than electronics? Well, a hoverboard will keep him moving. Plus, it helps your teen boy to keep his balance and work a little on his core. So, why not? (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

19. Video Games- Here's a list of the top video games. The best sellers and the most requested so far! What a great idea! (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

20. Any new electronic/game release- Any new release is well received by our teenage boys. They love new games. You'll never hear a teen boy rejecting one new release like this one! (Click on the photo or item name for the link!)

The wait is over. There you have it! An ultimate list with 20 great gift ideas for teenage boys!

Lots of love,


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