The Ultimate Guide of 2020 Christmas gifts for teenagers

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

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Being a teenage boy is hard. I believe it is. I'm a mother of one. I know how difficult it must be, especially this year 2020. Our kids have endured the event of the century -probably. They have seen how their lives changed because of a pandemic that has killed over 1.35M people so far, and yet no vaccine. Before Covid-19, the deadliest known pandemic was in 1918. None of us were born yet. So, we are all living the deadliest event of our century.

Our kids have lost their friends, have seen their social interaction severely affected, their education at risk. There have been no real vacations or fun this year, so maybe it's time we take the matter into our own hands and give our teenagers a Christmas they'll never forget - and not due to Covid!

I was a teenager once, and it was kinda shitty. Those were different times, but still hard. I remember the Christmas when I dreamed of an Easy Oven, and I got a kit with a broom and duster. Wao! Never forgot that Christmas (in a bad way...). To this day I have a severe allergy to brooms. No kidding!

As teenagers, we start to take note and detail of how people act towards us. If the world around us is noticing us- teenagers-, gifts usually are a reflection of that scrutiny. We, teenagers, just want to be accepted and loved by others.

Seriously? Of course!

Why? Because it's very hard to gift a teenager with something he might really like. When you succeed in gifting something this teen boy actually likes and appreciates, you're kind of the coolest mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandma... You'll be the coolest relative for years to come!