French Creme pots de chocolat'

A delicious French classic that it's always a la mode! #cremedepots #potsdechocolate

France is the most classy and sophisticated country on the whole planet. Why? Because they are the home of the most romantic places, like the Eiffel tower, the "I love you" wall, or the Village of Love at Loire Valley. France is the home of cheeses, wines and all kinds of bread: baguettes, brioche, fougasse. And how to forget: the birthplace of the most sensuous silky desserts!

Macarons, creme brulee, coconut cakes, eclairs, floating islands, souffle, opera cake... You think about it...? It's probably French!

Even pronouncing those cute French names sounds sexy and delicious!

Trying to get some inspiration, I thought of this awesome mug filled with creamy chocolate I did a long time ago, and instantly I knew I had to do it again.

A long time ago, I had done a Hot Chocolat' De France- which is a creamy and thick hot chocolate that can be enjoyed by the spoon, sipped, or dipping some cookies and marshmallows inside. It tasted awesome, almost like a Christmas morning, but I wanted to make it more like a creamy custard, not a thick drink.

That's why I added the two eggs while blending the hot chocolate mix (tempering the eggs). Just like other custards, eggs give the thickness but also helps with the smoothness and creaminess. By adding the eggs to the very hot liquid, I make sure to "cook" the eggs with the liquids' high temperature. If you're still worried about cooking the eggs a little bit more, just prepare a water bath and cover the small jars halfway. Then, bake for 30 minutes. (But it's not necessary at all!)

What I love about this recipe is its rich dark chocolate flavor, which you can adjust by using a few teaspoons of cocoa less, and adding one or two more tablespoons of sugar. Here's my favorite Sugar Substitute! Believe me, this sugar is worth every cent. I have tried lots and lots of sugar substitutes but this one is by far the best, and they also offer confectioners and brown sugar. The net carbs are ZERO! So, no remorse!

I'm a lover of extra dark chocolate, so I like mine a little stronger, bitter and darker.

And talking about stronger chocolate flavor, the little amount of expresso in this recipe takes the chocolate flavor to a new level!

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