Free INKED Chapters


The Ink Keepers Trilogy Part I

N.I. Rojas

A single drop of Inked blood can change the spell forever!

Chapter 1: A mess of ink

The man knew he was doing something dangerous. He was playing with fire. He was going to burn.

The exact moment when the Graphylux and ink came to him is unknown, but it has been both a blessing and a curse. He never expected to create a world of words, dreams and ink, but there it was, and now there is no return.

With soft strokes, the man drew the lagoon and the mermaids, the Indian tribes and the pirates. With words so soft, barely audible, he created the fairies and the trolls. He created the magic too, because a land so majestic cannot exist without something to revolve around. Magic was for this land as the sun is for ours, the center of the Universe.

The old man created the evilness that could destroy each living soul in that fragile world of magic, and one d