It's time to love yourself.

A wife's heart is a very fragile and delicate thing. Little things can trigger the biggest of suffering. When she decided to turn into a wife, she put her vulnerability into her husband's hands. She entrusted him with the almost impossible mission to never hurt her.

Think of a woman's heart like a bank account. When you withdraw more than what you deposit, you'll have a negative balance. If you deposit $20 but spend $18, your balance left won't be enough for another purchase, because it simply is too low. But when you deposit enough and keep a good usage of that money, being conscious to deposit more than what you use, then your balance increases and your economy is safe.

A wife's heart is exactly like that. Give her enough love, be present, make your time together count, and make the time apart one to wish for togetherness, and despite a few bumps in the ride, her love will never falter.

Lots of men will probably complain about doing enough to keep their wives happy. Lots of women will complain about the little efforts their husbands make for the relationship. Why is that?

Because men and women measure happiness in different ways. Men feel loved and cared for wh