FINAL RESULTS of my 30 days Health Improving Challenge

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Wao! 30 days are over! I cannot believe it! It all started very slow, days passing by like in slow motion, and now the month is over. I'm very excited to share with you my results for this health challenge. Is been an emotional roller coaster but my body really needed this. It was a great way to reset my system after the damage caused by the quarantine.

When I started this challenge a month ago, I was genuinely worried that my blood pressure was skyrocketing with 149/95. Remember that I mentioned the weird face my doctor made when talking about blood pressure? If I was worried before, that face reminded me I needed to act quickly to get my health back. Sometimes we can work those things on our own, but I always recommend talking to your doctor. As I've been there before, I know a few pounds I gain have terrible repercussions in the rest of my health. Long time ago, in a very distant galaxy, I was the 20 something young lady using pills to control that horrible blood pressure.

I've learned to listen to my body and understand its signals. My body was telling me how unhappy she felt that I was feeding her with crappy things, instead of following my already established healthy habits. I fell into the quarantine-virus (No! Not the coronavirus! The eat junk virus!) This time, my body was kinda picky! I stalled on chicken breast and lean ground beef. But lost pounds eating steak or fish. Diets change, body change. We learn!

Back on track again, let me tell you I'm feeling awesome! And I'm not even exaggerating. I have so much energy and I'm very focused in what I do. A month or so ago, I was having that issue. I was so out of focus, so deviated from my goals, and food -any kind of food- just gave me a quick fix. Now, after a whole month of discipline and sacrifice and good choices, I've been able to finish a few couple of things I had pending.

That's me on July, 2020. (Is that a love handle?)

First, let me go by my food diary and tell you exactly what I ate for the last week of the 30 days challenge.

Phase 2 Day 22 (08/13/2020): Morning weight: 144.5

24 oz black coffee with stevia and cinnamon

4 oz chicken breast grilled/ 1 cup lettuce

4 oz flank steak with cauliflower rice

Phase 2 Day 23: Morning weight: 142.6

20 oz black coffee with stevia and a vanilla splash

10 am: 1 small red grapefruit

12 am: 1 egg + 2 whites/ 1 handful spinach

4:00 pm: 5 oz flank steak + 1 cup broccoli

Phase 2 Day 24: Morning weight: 142.4

20 oz black coffee with stevia

10 am: 1 apple

3:30 pm: 8oz flank steak with cauliflower rice

Phase 2 Day 25: Morning weight: 141.6

20 oz black coffee

1:00 pm: cocoa mugcake (1 egg, 1.5 tbsp. cocoa powder unsweetened, 2 tbsp. Swerve, vanilla splash. All mixed together and cooked in microwave for 2 minutes)

4:00 pm: 8 oz flank steak, 1 small red onion, 1/2 cup shirataki noodles

Lemon slushy

Phase 2 Day 26: Morning weight: 141.8

20 oz black coffee with stevia

11:00 am: 6 oz swai fish, 1 small roma tomato (Made in a stew)

1:00 pm: red grapefruit

4:00 pm: 5 oz flank steak with lettuce

Passion fruit tea slushy

Phase 2 Day 27: Morning weight: 141.6

20 oz black coffee with stevia

10 am: 1 red grapefruit

4:00 pm 7.5 oz flank steak with cauliflower rice

Phase 2 Day 28: Morning weight: 141.0

20 oz black coffee with stevia and cinnamon

10 am: red grapefruit

1:30 pm: 8 oz sirloin steak lean with 1 roma tomato

4:00 pm: cocoa mugcake

Phase 2 Day 29: Morning weight: 140.6

20 oz black coffee with stevia

10 am: 1 egg + 2 whites, 1 handful spinach

3:00 pm: 5 oz swai fish with lettuce

Phase 2 Day 30: Morning weight: 140.6

20 oz black coffee with stevia

2:00 pm: 8 oz flank steak with 1.5 cup shredded cabbage

Lemon slushy

That was all! 30 days!

Did I mention I'm so full of energy? Oh my God! So much energy I can sleep 5 hours and my body wakes up on its own, so refreshed and not tired at all! (Though I prefer to sleep a little more than that!)

Today, my blood pressure at 110/70. Pretty awesome, right? A few days ago, my husband wanted to check how my blood pressure was doing, and he came randomly to me with the machine. I must confess I felt worried. What if it was over the roof? Ja! It was a perfect 118/78!

Apart from the high blood pressure, I also wanted to lose some weight. You know those sweet love handles in the waist? Well, I wanted some of those gone for the upcoming wedding dress measurement!

My initial goal was to be in the mid 130's. And I'm still aiming for it. In a future post I'll tell you more about your perfect body weight (if there's something even close to a real perfect body weight), but today I'll focus on celebrating this success. Today, I must say I feel happy and empowered. I am a very happy Empowered Curvy!

As this month passed by, I saw not only some pounds shred, but also inches. Want to know the results? Here they are:

From my initial weight of 156.4 pounds, I manage to reach the nice 140.6. Meaning?

I lost 15.8 pounds in a month! That's huge!

That's also me. August 23, 2020 (What a waist!)

15.8 pounds! That's what an 18 months old baby weights! Or 3 bags of 5 lb of sugar! Or a 2 month old rottweiler! Or 2.5 bricks! Or the equivalent in weight of 10 basketballs estandar size! I hope you see the picture now! 15 pounds! That is heavy!

Let me tell you how huge 15 pounds lost resulted in my body! That's 15.75 inches lost huge! Just in my waist I lost 6 inches! That's perfect for me! Bye bye love handles! See you later! Nah, better don't come back!

I feel happy that my health is back! I feel great! I'm in love with my look, with my body and my curves! It was a month of sacrifice, but I am pleased with it! Now, to maintain this weight, is necessary to go into a maintenance phase, which is a very strict keto for at least 3 weeks. But that is another topic to discuss!

Now lets celebrate! What you think about my journey?

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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