FINAL RESULTS of my 30 days Health Improving Challenge

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Wao! 30 days are over! I cannot believe it! It all started very slow, days passing by like in slow motion, and now the month is over. I'm very excited to share with you my results for this health challenge. Is been an emotional roller coaster but my body really needed this. It was a great way to reset my system after the damage caused by the quarantine.

When I started this challenge a month ago, I was genuinely worried that my blood pressure was skyrocketing with 149/95. Remember that I mentioned the weird face my doctor made when talking about blood pressure? If I was worried before, that face reminded me I needed to act quickly to get my health back. Sometimes we can work those things on our own, but I always recommend talking to your doctor. As I've been there before, I know a few pounds I gain have terrible repercussions in the rest of my health. Long time ago, in a very distant galaxy, I was the 20 something young lady using pills to control that horrible blood pressure.

I've learned to listen to my body and understand its signals. My body was telling me how unhappy she felt that I was feeding her