Favorite Fall Everything!

Because what's left of 2020 doesn't have to be awful. #fall #falltime

Fall has officially started and with it my favorite season of the year! Yes, it's been a very difficult year but you can still have some fun this autumn.

I know. 2020 sucks! Is it even possible to enjoy what's left of it? I'll say yes, it's possible. And we must!

Here are some reasons to enjoy these months. My fall favorites (and I bet yours too!):

  • #1 BOOTS!

Now that the weather starts to change mercifully, boots can come out of their hiding spots in our closets and be -once again- the center of attention! Boots with jeans. Boots with dresses. Boots with jackets. I love some good boots! Knee-high boots! Everything looks prettier when matched with some beautiful boots!