Favorite Fall Everything!

Because what's left of 2020 doesn't have to be awful. #fall #falltime

Fall has officially started and with it my favorite season of the year! Yes, it's been a very difficult year but you can still have some fun this autumn.

I know. 2020 sucks! Is it even possible to enjoy what's left of it? I'll say yes, it's possible. And we must!

Here are some reasons to enjoy these months. My fall favorites (and I bet yours too!):

  • #1 BOOTS!

Now that the weather starts to change mercifully, boots can come out of their hiding spots in our closets and be -once again- the center of attention! Boots with jeans. Boots with dresses. Boots with jackets. I love some good boots! Knee-high boots! Everything looks prettier when matched with some beautiful boots!


Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin custard. Pumpkin roulade with cream cheese filling! Pumpkin Spice lattes. I don't know why but the pumpkin smell creates this relaxing environment that makes me think how close Christmas is! Perhaps it's because of all the pumpkin custards I made back in Puerto Rico. Such delicious memories!


Stores start to sell the cinnamon scented pine cones and candles. The warm aroma of cinnamon rolls freshly baked is a real turn on to me! I mean... My stomach feels so horny for food when that smell hits! That spicy aroma is just a warning that Christmas is just around the corner. Stop threatening me with a great Christmas time! How dare you, cinnamon!


I remember the first time I tasted cranberries. Well, sort of. I was 10 years old. I think my grandma tried to be a little fancier because some family members who hadn't visited in so long were traveling from the US to Puerto Rico. The cranberry sauce was, in fact, a canned solid jam with a cylindrical shape. What happened to it, I don't remember. But I never forgot its funny look.

I love the tanginess of fresh cranberries simmered in sugar and fresh orange juice. That on top of a creamy cheesecake... one of my favorite holiday desserts. Oh, I'm so hungry! Don't worry! I'll be sharing the recipe with you soon!


Pumpkin Spice lattes, chai latte, hot chocolate with marshmallows, apple cider... Hot drinks are always in vogue but now there's another excuse (if there was a necessity of one): the weather is getting cold!

  • #6 COLORS

Coopery and reddish leaves start to decorate the landscape. The sunshine gets a golden hue so beautiful that invites to play outside. Fall is the best season to get perfect pictures. Snap some pictures of your kids running between fallen leaves or climbing haystacks. Don't miss the chance to photograph a kiss at the perfect sunset or a family portrait with the perfect landscape.


The hot weather begins to dissipate. A nice breeze comes to caress our faces. Fall is the perfect time to cook outside or to sip some coffee sitting on the porch. The cold weather- minus those fall showers- are magnificent for road trips.


Is apple picking season so what a better excuse to make homemade apple pies? The blend of spices with the juices coming from the apple is so good! And let's not say anything about the buttery crust!

  • #9 SCARVES

Fall is the perfect time to be a la mode with some scarves! Wear them to create a shock of color in your outfit! Plus, you'll be comfortably warm!


Of course, fall gives us one of the greatest celebrations: Thanksgiving! The perfect time to show off with those recipes I've been sharing with you! Give your family a great treat! Be grateful for all your blessings!


We still have time left for Christmas, but fall is the perfect time to start getting everything ready! Also, fall is the perfect occasion to make a list of the important people in your life and gather ideas to give them something special. Time to get ready for family visits!

  • #12 CORN MAZE

Last year we had a blast in our nearest corn maze. We spent over an hour trying to find the exit. The kids took turns to read the map we received, sometimes getting closer to the exit, other times discovering we were back in the middle of it.

Many family-owned farms prepare wonderful corn mazes during this season. Check out your local farms! You'll be surprised to find a few nearby!


Fall brings great celebration times! Make your own Halloween costume party with your family followed by a slumber party to tell scary stories! And Thanksgiving! Many families gather for days to make sure they have it all for that special occasion.

There you have it! 13 reasons why we must enjoy what's left of 2020. Because we are alive and we must be thankful for it.

What's your favorite fall activity?

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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