Fall in love with yourself

When someone makes you feel like you're not enough... show them the door.

2020. It's been a year! A terrible one. I bet lots of women have had a terribly wrong year. As 2020 promised, it bought things like a pandemic and a quarantine. A lot of couples have come to an end, unable to resolve their differences, or probably discovering worse things like infidelity.

Certainly, 2020 has stolen us our precious time and probably our self-love.

Don't worry. We all have struggles. Let's pick up the pieces left and heal together.

  • Understand yourself.

Get to know you better. What you like, what you don't. Do you have a strong temper? Why worry about it? See the good in your imperfections. You're unique!

  • Accept who you are.

Are you addict to collect shoes? It doesn't hurt anybody unless is their money. Your manias distinguish who you are. Do you enjoy drinking coffee with oatmeal milk and people don't get it? Screw them!

Hate big gatherings? People make you feel like an extraterrestrial? Forget what they'll say. Do what makes you happy!

  • Make peace with your flaws.

You've been trying to lose even more weight but your body is stubborn enough to avoid it to happen? So? Embrace yourself! Love those extra pounds! It's not the size of the body that matters, it's what you can do with all of it!

  • Your heart is a cold place.

So what? So is Alaska and lots of happy people live there. You don't have to justify your toughness to anybody. You can always find someone who can be your heater and isn't afraid of getting cold.

  • Take care of your body.

You need to stop taking care of everybody else. You need to focus on the fact that you are also a person, thus you have needs. Follow my SEE map!

Sleep well

Eat healthier


  • Take care of your soul.

Just like your body, your inner goddess needs attention in order to be productive and positive. Meditate, pray, write, listen to music. Do things that please you.

  • Forgive yourself.

We are susceptible to make mistakes. You had your consequences. Is okay. Don't get stuck in the past. What happened in your life will never have the last word in your future.

  • People will fail you.

Painful as it is, people will always fail us. They are humans as well. They'll make mistakes. Forgive and let it go. Don't allow people's mistakes to ruin your happiness. Let them resolve their own messes. If they deserve an opportunity, let them earn their way back. Nothing is free. The suffering probably caused you lots of losses. Let them live by their mistake and embrace their own consequences. If they are meant to lose you, so be it.

  • Pamper yourself.

Don't wait for your partner to buy you flowers. Want it? Get it! You deserve it! You deserve to be treated like a goddess. Treat yourself like such.

  • Dare to say NO.

Life has given you a fair share of good and bad. By now, you have lived the evilness of always saying yes. People are undeserving of always receiving a yes. They won't compromise the same way in return. Dare to say NO to those things you don't want, don't deserve and aren't willing to accept.

  • Create a morning ritual just for you.

Listen to nature while sipping your coffee. Breathe. Read. Think about all the great things you've accomplished so far. And those that you aim to conquer soon.

Take a picture of yourself daily.

No matter the time, snap a picture of you doing things you love, even if it is reading the newspaper. At the end of one month, create a collage of yourself and hang it in your office.

  • Be intentional.

Nothing determines the future but you. Make a plan and stick to it. Maybe you find a few rocks on your way to success, but what's a tall mountain without some obstacles?

  • Write your feelings down.

Nothing makes you freer than to pour your feelings down in a paper. Doesn't matter if you can trust your feelings to nobody. You can always trust yourself. Keeping a diary is one of the most liberating things I've done.

  • See the good in you.

Do people complain that you're heartless? Doesn't matter! You don't need people's permission to exist. You're your own person. No one knows your good side better than you do. Enjoy your wonders.

You're wonderful!

You're incredible!

You deserve all the beauties of the world! Why wait for them to come when you can go take what you deserve?

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy