Empowered Curvy's FIRST ANNIVERSARY!

ONE FREAKINGLY AWESOME YEAR OF SHARING MY INSANITY WITH YOU! (Just kidding! Not insanity! My awesomeness with you!)

There are no words to express my excitement at this moment! Empowered Curvy is celebrating its first anniversary this week!

In fact, my website's anniversary and my birthday are on the same day -July 15!


No! Not at all! It was my birthday gift! My most thoughtful birthday gift from me to me!

Let me tell you a short story about why I chose my birthday to launch my website last year!

Writing has always been my passion. Having discovered my love for writing at age of 6, I was a fierce soul impossible to tame. When my spoken words led me to trouble, I would pour my feelings and my thoughts on paper.

The world I lived in wasn't ready for a strong-willed young lady like myself. For years... (no, for decades) I was forced to be a silent person, to keep my feelings to myself, to never say a word. And what happens when you try to suppress a bomb that's already ticking? It will blow off everything around! A catastrophe.

The containment of feelings I had at age 14 was so big that my most precious possession was a giant "treasure chest" vault that I quickly filled with journals. My thoughts, my repressed desires. Everything was hidden in ink and paper.

I used to call this vault my "dowry".

From that moment, I knew I would need to find a wonderful way to express myself.

As I write about my experiences in life and my point of view of things, a lot of people feel "offended" or "attacked" by my words (written or spoken). But the thing is... I've been truly offended and attacked, and my truth is not intended to offend anyone but to free myself from the pain.

By that time, we decided to move from Puerto Rico to Georgia, USA. We had been unlucky in a lot of aspects... family issues, bad paid jobs, and hurricanes that damaged our 6-figure $$ business investment. Our future wasn't clear for us anymore. So, we moved!

On top of all those "issues", being raised in a world that spoke too much about feminism, sexism, equality, but where actions didn't materialize, I was angry and obsessed with it all. How could we talk about equality and then tell our daughters to shut up when a man says so. How could we talk about self-respect when parents are telling their own daughters to stay with a man who manipulates and humiliates them just because "you married him and marriage is for life"?

I was obsessed to speak it up. To give a little of myself so ladies out there know they are not alone.

I was also enamored with the idea of a perfect relationship and how we can truly have it all. But on top of it all, I was fixated on how to conquer self-love, embrace my body shape, to make the most of myself.

As a gift to myself, Empowered Curvy was born!

Www.empoweredcurvy.com is a site for ladies to grow not just as moms but as powerful women. To discover our self-love and acceptance. To discover our inner divas, to let go of some steam, to vent our frustrations. I want to help you achieve the sexy beast, multifunctional mamma, who can have it all.

With my website, I want to tell you: "You can have it all! You just need to work hard enough for it!"

I told myself that this was the opportunity I was waiting for. Far from where I thought of home, I would finally give a wonderful shape to my suppressed words. So, when we moved in September 2018, I promised myself this as a birthday present.

Last year, a week before my birthday, I put it all together from scratch. Without help. Without anybody knowing about my new project... I just shaped this beautiful baby from zero. My kinky little secret! It felt so good to shape this website, hidden from people who judged me before! It felt like I was doing mischief! It was very hard for me to decide whether I should do the website in English or Spanish (my native language). But along the way, I found that there's a sense of freedom when I write in English, so I kinda enjoyed the ride!

Of course, there's a lot of room for improvement, but isn't this the reason to start? I embarked on this new adventure and a few extra things were added along the year, but we'll talk about those later.

At first, I thought it wouldn't last... the excitement of finally being able to share my experiences and ideas with the world... I thought I was meant to fail terribly as everything else I had tried before... And I feared that I was the only person in the entire world with my perspective. And there... all of you came along! Proving me wrong! Showing me that I was right to feel this way! That we are all unique and that's great!

And here I am! Celebrating the first anniversary of my website, enjoying the love and support I have received.

So far, 170 blog posts -almost 3 every week- and I am really happy about it!

I want to thank you for putting up with me for a whole year! For your comments, ideas, and wonderful support! I love what I do because of you!

What are we going to do to celebrate? Let's make a party and open the champagne! Pour some nice Tequila, or even better, let's make a cake!

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Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy


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