My DIY Boudoir. A mom's boudoir adventure!

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I always thought to be a shy girl. Not a fan of calling people's attention, I was always the girl behind a book. Not because I didn't consider myself attractive, but because I just felt the attention-seeking act wasn't a natural thing in me.

Probably that was the main reason. Or it was because I really saw myself as an ugly woman. Note how I say "was" and "saw". That was before. A long time ago.

Years ago, the only photos I had of myself were random selfies hiding behind the drivewheel. Probably my face was the only part of my skin seen in the picture. Rarely I participated in group pictures, and most of the time I was right behind the scenes, helping it all come true.

The thing is... I wasn't in love with myself. I was exhausted. Tired of not loving myself eno