Discrimination against Puerto Ricans in Georgia?

Allow me to vent my pain...

My family and I moved to Liberty County, GA shortly after Hurricane Maria devastated our hometown, Puerto Rico. Just like hundreds, if not thousands, Puerto Rican families. For two years, we have made this beautiful town our home and it's our goal to make our roots here.

We are a family of professionals. My husband has a BA in Psychology and I have a BA in Criminology and Criminal Investigation. We are bilingual. The kids are too. My daughter knew no English at all when we first arrived here. And now she's this girl who loves to talk with everybody. We don't discuss politics or religion with others, because we respect everyone's point of view, but want ours to be respected as well.

My husband works here from day one, and I started my website in Georgia. My kids go to school here and believe me it's been hard. Their grades are great because they are hardworking kids and we are always encouraging them to work hard, learn and study a little more.

Been well-received has been a mashup of mixed feelings. In its majority, we've been received cordially everywhere. We have met great people. We have met not so great people. Overall it has been the whole experience. Like anywhere else in the world.

Let's start with the recent events, then go a little back in time...