Dirty Twister

If you are like us, then you're always looking for ways to keep your marriage energized and spicy. Nothing as incredible as a couple who share, laugh and play together.

Modern time has given us great opportunities and advantages, but also has given us more work to do, more responsibilities to attend, more things to take care of.

Many couples tend to forget or put aside that sexuality in the relationship is also a very important thing that needs to be taken care. Just as eating and drinking water is a need to the body, sharing sexually with our S.O. is a very important task.

Some people try to downplay sex as a couple for many "reasons". Misconceptions of the sexuality breaks the harmony in a lot of marriages. Like considering that sex suddenly turned out to be just for reproduction. Is my belief that we have sex as a couple for a lot of reasons, but its greatest purpose is because of love.

I am a faithful believer that the more you do a thing, the more you want it. The least you do it, the less important or needed it turns to be.

Sex is as physical as it is emotional. Probably for most women, sex is mostly emotional, but for most men, sex is also a physical need. Have you read Gary Chapman's book: Love Languages? Have you noticed that maybe you need nice words or a cute detail to get in a nice mood? Probably, your man's love language is physical touch.