The importance of dating after marriage

Did you get married? Great! Now, keep dating your husband as the single girl you were before! He'll thank you for it!

"Another date?" -My 9 years old daughter asked me a few nights ago. -"How many dates have you two had?"

Her question confused me for a moment (I'll explain it in a few moments.)

"Not enough!" -I answered her after seconds of deep thoughts. -"When you grow up and want to get married, you need to aspire to find a man who wants to continue dating you and you alone no matter how many years you have been together!"

Satisfied with the answer, but still thinking about what it may mean, my daughter returned to her previous activity as if nothing had happened. And I stood still in the middle of the kitchen wondering why our married dates were so weird to my daughter.

I always tell her she needs to learn to read people. When she grows up into a beautiful adult woman, she will meet guys. But to find the right guy... it requires skills and the capacity to observe and analyze him in all his senses. First with the brains and the instinct, and last with the heart. When both brain and heart are in total agreement and her instinct is not making her doubt her choice... she'll have found the right guy. But for that, she'll need to date him a lot, under pressure, around family, in a very public and exposed place, in her circle, in his circle, to get to know the real him. See, lots of dates!