Curvy guide: Curvy girl outfits for Date Nights (Shein haul)

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It sucks going to the store to buy jeans and be forced to make a thousand pirouettes to fit the booty inside. But equally sucks buying jeans where your booty fits but the waist is so loose it looks like you stole the pant to someone else. Our bodies are made different. All of them. Clothing stores usually design and sell for a specific body type. Which sucks!

That's why I wanted to shop for some outfits from Shein online! This online store has created great hype! Trending styles, influencers, I let myself be captivated by the Shein revolution. I asked myself "WHY NOT"? After all, I've been spending plenty of cash on clothes that I have to customize.

What's my problem?

As a curvilicious Latina, it's hard to find the right outfits with the perfect fit. My body is shaped like an hourglass. Doesn't matter my weight, when I weighed 220+ or 108 pounds, my waist was still tiny in comparison with my hips and boobs. Now, I'm constantly traveling between 135-142 pounds. I feel comfortable in that weight and one of my greatest pleasures is to dress beautifully.

Buying clothes at physical stores is like a punishment for me. Especially if we are talking about pants and jeans. If it fits in the booty, it's too loose on the waist. I hate having to sew the waist of my pants. HATE IT!!! I despise those pants as hard as I despise sewing.

f I buy a dress or a skirt, I have to choose one of the following options: take a larger size or a different, much longer piece. That, unless I want to expose my cute derriere! Which is not negotiable.

When I buy clothes, I want them to make me feel sexy and beautiful. My outfits need to be equally sexy but modest. Leaving something to the imagination is always in my mind when I buy clothes. We deserve to wear beautiful clothes with the power to make us feel powerful and dominant. We deserve the boost of motivation and confidence that the right outfits provide.

Already a Shein customer, I decided to buy some of their outfits thinking about date nights and Valentine's Day. This purchase was $76.64 including taxes, which was a really nice price considering I ordered 3 dresses, 2 blouses, 1 pair of pants, and 1 lingerie set.

Overall, the experience was great, excepting for one of the blouses which instead of Adult medium, seems to be toddler Medium. If fitted my 9 years old daughter.


Outfit #1:

The "you're not getting this" outfit

This cute crop top and the high waisted pant together cost around $30 with taxes. I adored the top! It has a zipper to go open for an extra sexy look or zipped up for a more demure look.

The pant was nice but a little loose. I usually wear size 5 in pants, but this one was available on 6, so that explains the little extra space. Not bad if planning to binge-eat, ha!

This is a great outfit for a casual date to play pool or to go to a coffee shop after leaving the kids at school. I matched it with a black leather jacket for a rebel look.

Outfit #2

(Not-so) Innocent "Lolita"

This suspender dress is brutal! I matched it with a white top and black boots. I love how it hugs my curves. This outfit is so sexy and cute I can wear it everywhere! It screams "I love you" or "You want this!". With the vibe of a schoolgirl and the experience of an empowered woman, this outfit is a killer.

Outfit #3

50 shades of babe

Perfect for a late-night date, this leather-look bodycon dress is a sensation! Trying this dress gave me a Dita Von Teese vibe so incredible that I started to dance alone at home! Not extremely short, just perfect! I love the long sleeves. At first, I thought it would look awful because it had the appearance of a plastic bag (remember that dress Rebel Wilson wore on The Hustle movie? The one "helped her" camouflage with the garbage?... Well, that was my first thought.) But, I changed my mind after trying it! For less than $20, is a nice outfit! You can pair it with high heels or just like me: with my adorable red boots!

Outfit #4

The adorable Boss Babe

I'm going to start by saying this dress is my favorite, which surprised me! I chose this one because the color was completely different from what I usually wear. Plus, the design in the waist was super eye-catching and the price was a bargain. I mean... $15? Are you kidding me? I adore everything about it. This beautiful babe is definitely my Valentine's Day outfit! I love that it is very sexy, high neck and everything! It is so fitting and I adore how it hugs my body. My curves rock in this dress. I was looking for something slightly different from my usual dark outfits and this one is my most pleasant surprise!

Last thoughts:

I was completely surprised by this purchase. Except for the "baby-size" blouse, everything was cute, nice quality and well-fitting! If you were looking for nice clothes at super affordable prices, this is a great option.

Date night... here I go!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I made this purchase. Shein isn't promoting this post. I share with you things that I love, and this is one of those things. Shein, if you want me, here I am!!!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy