Conversation Starters for couples -Sexy trivia + free printables

It's been a long, stressful week! Now it's time to reconnect and reward yourselves with some sexy pillow talk and quality time!

sexy conversation starters for couples + free printables

You've been together the whole life? That's great! You've been together for a year? No problem! Every couple, no matter how long they have been together, needs some great conversation topics every once in a while. Also, deep and intimate conversations can be hard for a shy partner, especially if he or she is supposed to be making the questions!

So, whether your relationship is new or you've been a lifetime together, there's always room for spicy questions to keep that fire burning and melting ice!

You're back at work. Kids are back at school. Still, your family is trying to adapt to this new "normalcy" after Covid. No wonder why couples are a little distant! Despite been confined to the same space for almost a year, communication didn't get better, especially when having kids around the whole time. Now, probably you have a little breathing room. But, If you don't... send the kids to bed early. End of discussion. Your marriage needs some work and attention as well, so take some time to share just the two of you! No kids are allowed for this game.

You need little preparation for this game. Just a printer if you have one. If you don't, just download the questions, and take one each -in order. These printables include 24 sexy questions to leave you both thinking or planning your next sex-venture together.

Nothing better than a fun Question & Answer game to break the curiosity and to discover your partner's most hidden sexual fantasies. The primary goal of a husband or a wife is to make his/her partner happy.

Pleasure is also part of that happiness.

What kind of pleasure? Feeling pleasure is one completely different experience from one person to another. Pleasure can be skin-to-skin contact. Pleasure can be to dance under the candlelight. Pleasure can be sweet words every morning. Pleasure can be served breakfast in bed. Pleasure can be naughty sex.

Are you dealing with a reserved partner? Timid? Or maybe they keep their secrets well locked for fear to be embarrassed and judged? That's okay! This game is great to help them loosen up! Don't worry! They might be shy, but they are sexual creatures inside. We all are.

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Recommendations before starting the game:

  • Be open. Don't start this game hoping to get certain answers. Don't play if you are not able to understand and accept your partner's truth. Listen carefully. Be a good negotiator. Don't dismiss your partner's desires just because you're not ready for it. If that's the case, ask for time to think about it, find a middle ground, or email me (confidentially) if you require advice.

  • Set the mood! Be proactive and invite your man to a date night at home. Chill your favorite drinks. Have some finger food on hand or order some delivery. Light some scented candles. Throw a cozy blanket on the floor.

  • Establish the rules. Do not force an answer unless you want to get a lie. If your partner isn't comfortable with a question, urge him to pick a new one. Or in exchange for the unanswered question, you can request a back rub, a sexy pick, a tequila shot, or to remove a piece of clothing for each unanswered question.

  • Have fun. After all, that's the purpose of every game, to enjoy. Don't stay stuck on little details about your partner's answer and move on.

  • Act! The best reward you can give your partner for opening up to sexy and private topics is your action. One of his sexy fantasies is to receive a striptease? Put on some music and start shaking that booty, babe! Give him the striptease of his life, but make sure he has some cash on him, so he can tip you and put some of that hard-earned money on your thong, and everything!

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Q & A printable
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