Coffee Lovers Madness

Happy international coffee day! Here's my Pumpkin Spice Chai Bulletproof coffee!

Coffee! Happy international coffee day! I feel is my birthday today! What do I want? Oh, so thoughtful! I want coffee!

The single mention of this word gives me goosebumps! The good ones!

This delicious elixir of gods was originated somewhere in Ethiopia or Yemen. Good enough, they shared this precious thing with the whole world. But it's said that in the origins it was related exclusively with some religious practices. It is said that when it was first discovered and mistaken for a bitter berry, it received different treatments until the man decided to roast, then boil the beans, extracting a very fragrant brown liquid that kept him energized for days. This effect gave the coffee the gracious name of the "miracle drug".

Coffee is so good that immediately you wake up, you need it! Is so awesome that after those first sips you feel the criminal instincts fading away.

A normal day starts exactly after coffee. There's nothing happening before that first cup of liquid life!