Coffee Lovers Madness

Happy international coffee day! Here's my Pumpkin Spice Chai Bulletproof coffee!

Coffee! Happy international coffee day! I feel is my birthday today! What do I want? Oh, so thoughtful! I want coffee!

The single mention of this word gives me goosebumps! The good ones!

This delicious elixir of gods was originated somewhere in Ethiopia or Yemen. Good enough, they shared this precious thing with the whole world. But it's said that in the origins it was related exclusively with some religious practices. It is said that when it was first discovered and mistaken for a bitter berry, it received different treatments until the man decided to roast, then boil the beans, extracting a very fragrant brown liquid that kept him energized for days. This effect gave the coffee the gracious name of the "miracle drug".

Coffee is so good that immediately you wake up, you need it! Is so awesome that after those first sips you feel the criminal instincts fading away.

A normal day starts exactly after coffee. There's nothing happening before that first cup of liquid life!

There’s no reason required to enjoy a cup of coffee. Just because is more than enough.

Coffee is so good it pairs perfectly with everything. A hot slice of bread with butter... a sweet pastry... with breakfast... and what about after dinner? 

But if you needed reasons to love your morning coffee even more, here are some:

  • It is actually good for you. Doctors say 2 to 3 cups a day can keep you healthy.

  • Caffeine boosts your metabolism, helping your body use stored fats as energy. Technically, coffee turns you into a fat-burning machine!

  • It keeps you awake!

  • Coffee enhances the chocolate flavor. Who doesn’t love even richer chocolate?

  • Coffee helps you focus. And who doesn’t need a little more focus these days?

  • This baby is so versatile you can have it thousands of ways.

  • An expresso shot can wake up the living dead.

  • Frappuccino, cappuccino and ice coffee are some great reasons!

  • There’s a delicious reason named: Affogato! Just in case you’ve been on another planet for the last decades, an affogato is a ball of vanilla ice cream drowned with a hot espresso shot. Yummy!

  • Oh, there’s another Italian reason named: tiramisu.

  • Coffee liquor!

  • After you made your coffee, you don’t have to discard the granules. Just use it as fertilizer for plants!

  • What about a coffee date? I still fall with this. I’m weak and my husband knows it. If I’m kinda cranky, he invites me to coffee! Clever man!

  • Caffeine is used in appetite control medications.

  • Also used in facial creams to help with wrinkles.

  • My favorite scrub here

  • And this awesome fat-melting pumpkin spice chai bulletproof coffee. (I promise is easier to make than to pronounce!)

Keto dieters enjoy bulletproof coffee because is a very versatile and easy recipe to do. Is full of healthy fats that keep you energized for longer. You can add almost everything and it will still be awesome. You can add protein powder, turmeric, cinnamon, substitute the coconut oil for a nice butter, change the heavy cream for almond milk... there's no limit.

How do you like your coffee?

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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