COCONUT POPSICLES- Perfect Summer treat! Sugar-free, Keto and kids approved

Hello back, babes!

How are you doing? I've been missing writing constantly this past month. Quick update, finally we bought our dream home!!! Yay to us! We finally did it!

If you want to see our house... empty and glorious before we started moving, here's a video my hubby and I shared on our personal Youtube account.

Now, let's go back to this delicious treat!

Coconut popsicles! Just perfection!

If you're looking for a quick and easy recipe to celebrate the 4th of July under the summer sun, this one is made just for you!

This recipe cannot be easier (unless you come home and eat them straight from my freezer!) Pour it all in the blender, mix, pour into the silicone molds and freeze for 4 to 6 hours!

See, easy!!

No silicone molds or any mold? Don't worry! Use some plastic cups! Those work perfectly great too!

I love to use Thai coconut milk because it's 100% coconut, it's super thick and creamy, but you can use whatever coconut milk you want.

You can even combine 1/2 coconut milk, 1/2 coconut cream! Super creamy! Yummy!

I've done these popsicles with granular stevia, but I truly love them with confectioner's Swerve. (Link below)



Here's a quick and easy tutorial! Just in case!

Enjoy the weekend and see you soon!

Lots of love,


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