Tropical Coconut Cheesecake

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One of the flavors that remind me the most of my natal country, Puerto Rico, is coconut! There are coconut palm trees everywhere, and most of the time they are loaded with coconuts! The beach is a perfect place to collect coconuts as Puerto Rican beaches are beautiful and coconut palm trees are adorning everywhere!

Since I was a little girl, my parents and grandparents collected those coconuts that fell from our own coconut palm trees, to drink the water and to make desserts. Both my grandmas and also my mom made a delicious tembleque, especially for Christmas time. You knew Christmas was on when tembleque and Coquito were added to the menu!

So, the coconut flavor is part of our Puerto Rican DNA!

Cornstarch, flour? NONE!

Coconut flavor is so creamy and refreshing that reminds me of eternal summers and beautiful sunsets. I love desserts. Of course, coconut desserts are a must in my kitchen! This coconut cheesecake is not a traditional cheesecake at all. Traditionally, people have been adding flour or cornstarch to cheesecakes. But I prefer not. Adding some flour to this fluffy and creamy delicacy is just a crime!

This cheesecake recipe is low carb and packed with healthy fats and proteins to keep you satisfied and healthy! That's why no flour is added!

I love the luxurious smoothness that my cheesecake has because of the absence of flour. With the flour, the cheesecake has a little cake-y texture. But for cake-y texture, I'll have cake! For silkiness and a glamorous creamy flavor that makes me dream about cute little angels, I'll have some cheesecake!