Cocoa Crack: Healthy & Addictive

The most delicious chocolate ever! Overly addictive healthy chocolate.

What a delight to be able to eat a piece of chocolate from time to time... Right?

Wrong! There's no pleasure in something that's just occasional. There's no satisfaction in deprivation. There's no delight in chocolate abstinence-induced pain.

A piece of chocolate from time to time is like starving myself for a whole month and then eat just a handful of lettuce. It's like forcing me to wake up and function a whole day without my morning coffee! It's like fasting knowing I'll only have quinoa after the time is over.

What's really a delight is the freedom of eating nice dark chocolate whenever I want! Some things are made to be enjoyed as pleased. Pleasures are meant to give overflowing satisfaction.

As Latina, sweet treats and sugars run through my veins. And whoever says otherwise ... is lying. We were born of sweet-smelling burnt sugar and cacao! Maybe a hint of rum as well.

For several years (almost 16), I have been working towards a healthier lifestyle. And that includes food. Well, it's mostly about food... Yet, that hasn't stopped me from reinventing myself and finding a way to indulge when I feel like it. Which is often, I must confess.

Chocolate is something I am not willing to give up. Never! I'd rather give up drinking water than eating chocolate. And that's saying a lot. Being able to enjoy a delicious piece of chocolate is like being magically transported to a deserted -and well supplied- island for a while. It is an escape, a release.

When we- women- are stressed, we eat chocolate. Chocolate cookies, chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate pieces. All things chocolate! Because chocolate stimulates the release of the hormone of happiness. Dark chocolate improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure. Also, it may reduce heart diseases.

The main ingredient for this healthy chocolate is coconut oil. Almost flavorless, coconut oil is a very nutritious fat. Good for the skin, hair and digestion, coconut oil also reduces hunger, promotes fat burning, and improves memory and brain function.

With this incredible combination of benefits, you are allowed to enjoy your chocolate on regular basis!

If like me, you're easily bribed with chocolate, this wonderful and easy recipe is a must-have! I've been doing cocoa crack for so long and I never get tired of preparing or devouring it.

This recipe is so easy and versatile you are gonna love it! You can have it extra dark. Just follow the recipe below for the deep dark chocolate. Or you can play with it!

Here you have some variations:

For milk chocolate- Add 3-4 tbsp. warm heavy cream. Stir quickly as the heavy cream will harden the mix a little. After refrigerating, it will be extremely delicious silky milk chocolate bites!

For chocolate with nuts- crush 2-3 tbsp. nuts into small pieces. Fold into the original dark chocolate version, or to the milk chocolate. Or insert a toasted hazelnut or almond right in the middle of your chocolate!

Flavored- Add a few drops of your desired extract to the mix. Think of orange, almond, rum...

Fruity chocolate- Add 1-2 tbsp. chopped dry fruits to your chocolate mix. Raisins, cranberries... Or insert a seedless, fresh cherry in the center of each mold.

Sweet cream stuffing- Prepare this cream filling first: 4 tbsp. cream cheese, 4 tsp. heavy cream, 1/4 tsp. vanilla, 2 tsp. stevia of choice, cinnamon if desired. Fill the desired molds with chocolate to 3/4 capacity and add 1/4 tbsp. sweet cream to each. Cover with a little extra chocolate.

Peanut butter- Fill the desired molds to 3/4 capacity and add 1/4 tbsp. peanut butter to each. Cover with a little extra chocolate.

Coffee- Add 1 tsp. instant expresso to your mix! Or more for super expresso-flavored chocolate!

Freeform- Instead of using some cute molds, you can line a bowl with parchment paper and just pour the chocolate mix. Add the variations if desired and refrigerate. After it has hardened, break it into pieces with your hands or hitting it with a knife handle.

You can freeze these babies in an airtight container or ziplock bags, but you won't leave them for long (you'll devour them quickly!)

For a pretty presentation for guests, wrap them in candy foil wrappers. They make cute gifts!

Dunk one in your coffee! Stuff it into your chocolate mug cake recipe! Need a mug cake recipe? Try this one! Or simply enjoy every little bite while reading through my website!

Love chocolate? What's your favorite healthy chocolate recipe? Leave me a comment!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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