Christmas gifts without breaking the bank

If there's something we really need to do this Christmas is trying not to go broke. As 2020 has taught us, life is willing to change in the blink of an eye. And will change no matter what.

There's another thing 2020 has given us. Time to be away from everything, distance from those we love, the sense of longing and missing people. Then, how you finally reunite this Christmas -if you're willing to?

What to do... What to gift... if -finally- you're gathering after almost a year? In my experience, nothing material you bring to my home will fill this year-long gap, so pricey gifts won't make me feel better.

I'll tell you what has the power to make me feel better and then you'll tell me what will make your Christmas ultra-special this year!

Free and cheap gift ideas to surprise your loved ones this Christmas!

  • You can go wrong if you bring rum! As one of the few stress relievers left this year, booze is always welcomed!

  • Your time! Take them on a little road trip. It doesn't have to be far from home. The only requirement is your total attention. And we can always buy ice cream or coffee on the road!

  • A movie and hot cocoa marathon! Pick a movie on Netflix, Peacock, or even at your closest Redbox. Prepare a killer hot cocoa. Try this one!

  • Cook me something. If you're trying to surprise a mom who has been homeschooling all year long, you must know she has been super busy. Teaching her kids, trying to have nice experiences, parenting, cooking every day... Delicious homemade food prepared by someone else is like a blessing sent from Heavens!

  • A piece of decoration that's both beautiful and useful. Cute mugs, personalized calendars, a photo frame you revamped at home... All those things are pretty inexpensive but full of love!

  • Handmade coupons. Nothing brightens more a day than knowing something will be well-taken care of and you can be stress-free for a while. Buy some blank index cards or cut a letter paper into 10 equal pieces and write down things you are certain you can do for your loved one. Help with chores, a night of babysitting, a shoulder massage, ice cream delivery. Simple, thoughtful things that are free but mean a world!

  • Chocolate. As long as aren't cherry cordials, any chocolate is welcomed! A chocolate bar, a chocolate box. Big, small. It's chocolate!

  • A cute notebook and pen. You don't have an idea of the number of pens I've lost this year. Especially since the homeschooling started. I'm not saying there's a connection... but there might be!

  • A handpicked fruit basket. Fruits are healthy and delicious. Also, their sweetness and bright colors are a gift to the eyes!

  • Gift cards. There's no way to go wrong if you give a gift card. Food, clothes, makeup, groceries, buying online. The options are endless!

  • Warm pj's (or fresh pajamas). Depending on the climatic zone your special one lives in, a new pair of pj's is a great gift!

  • A photo album. A cute album to put together the memories of the last year.

  • A scrapbook album. Gather your best memories together and make a thoughtful collage!

  • Gift an adventure. There is no more unforgettable gift than that of an experience. Hiking, a road trip to the Grand Canyon, a visit to an aquarium, watching the sunset at a beach, stargazing. If you aim for the first time experience, you are a star!

  • Homemade baked goodies. You got me at "I made you homemade cookies!" For some people, this doesn't mean anything, but for others, it means the world. Knowing you took the time and initiative of baking me something! Oh, I will love you forever!

  • Ice Cream. Just like booze, ice cream has been one of the stress relievers at my house. A pint of this creamy, godly, frozen dessert will definitely make me very happy!

What's really important isn't the present itself, and even less how much you paid for it. The importance of this Christmas should reside in the love we are willing to give and the many ways we can prove it!

From my family to yours: Merry Christmas! May this new year bring you pleasant surprises and a renewed hope!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy