The ultimate 2020 Christmas gifts for Tween Girls!

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2020. What a year so far. Our kids have endured so much and they still have a lot to learn. But let's focus on giving them a great Christmas this year. A Christmas so good it manages to make them -and us- forget what a difficult year this one has been.

Sometimes, people think that finding the perfect gift to enlighten a little girl's eyes on Christmas morning it's a very easy task for us... Because we are moms, it should be easy for us to just go and puff! have that magical gift.

Well, wrong! I am a mom and I struggle a lot when picking the "perfect" gift to make my daughter extra happy! It helps to take notes of things she starts to like during the year... but let's be honest, who has enough time to make endless lists? I try making lists... The problem is I never remember where I put them after all. So, it ended up been wasted time.

Horrors! Some perfect moms will say! How that mom doesn't know what her daughter will prefer this Christmas? If you always know what your kids will fancy, you're in luck. But if, like me, you need to decipher your kid's newly found interests... I feel you! The struggle is real!

A few months ago, my daughter caught me acting like the Tooth Fairy (you can read it about my terrible experience as a Tooth Fairy helper here). Since that day, she questions the veracity of each and every being (Santa, the Three Wise Men, Easter Bunny...). Taking advantage of her curiosity (What a cruel mom I am! I know!), I sat with my sweet daughter and asked her about girls her age. What would they think or believe? What they would like to receive if Santa or the Three Wise Men were from flesh and bones?

And she gave me some light of tween girls likings this century! Who would say that girls' tastes haven't changed so much? Or maybe yes they have!

So, this year, I did the unthinkable and hacked Santa's letters. Don't judge me! You would have done exactly the same!

Intel activated, I gathered a list of cute gifts girl would love to receive! Each one comes with its link for easy access!

The Ultimate Guide for Christmas gifts ideas for Tween Girls

  1. A beautiful penguin plush - I think it's perfectly safe to believe every girl likes penguins. Or plush toys! They are cute, soft and adorable. Plus, hugging this plushy friend promises sweet dreams and it's a wonderful companion for a slumber party. (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)

2. Some cute unicorn sneakers- These unicorn sneakers are shiny and adorable! Any girl will feel like a majestic unicorn princess wearing these sneakers to every Christmas party this year. They are soft and shiny with a fair amount of bling! (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)

3. A unicorn night light- Give this special young lady a pretty road to sweet dreams filled with unicorns and rainbows with this beautiful led lamp! She'll have so much fun adjusting the colors and intensity of this thoughtful gift! Girls love shiny things and unicorns! What about shinny unicorns! LOVE! (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)

4. Unicorn Gift Set- This is the cutest thing ever! A pretty gift set with a small baby unicorn plush, a unicorn bow, and it even comes with an unicorn mini purse! To make it even more incredible, the box lightens when it's opened! (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)

5. Stuffed animal bean bag- Undoubtedly, this cute bean bag is a perfect gift for girls under 10. Its bright colors and pretty eyes conjure pure tenderness. Your sweet princess will spend hours playing and jumping in this beautiful comfy piece of furniture. (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)

6. Nintendo e-shop gift card- Of course, girls love games too! Whether it is Wii U or Switch, a Nintendo gift card is a thoughtful gift for a girl! Especially these days when girls love a variety of games and it's very hard for us adults to pick one on our own. Pokemon, Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Animal Crossing, Just Dance... An e-shop gift card is way better! You're gifting her with the choice of her next favorite game! (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)

7. Unicorn onesie- Girls love to feel cute and sweet! They cannot be blamed! This onesie comes in different patterns -rainbow, galaxy, or Unicorn star! Keep your baby warm during this season with this trendy Unicorn onesie! And get a matching one for you too! (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)

8. A lighted Vanity- A nice sturdy vanity is the next step into your lovely little girl's transition to tween or teen years. One like this has the capacity to grow with your girl till she's a teenager. The lights around the mirror are so fancy that recreate all princess' movies! (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)

9. Minecraft Dungeons- Girls love to play too! My daughter can spend long hours building on Minecraft. HOURS! And then, watching Youtube videos to gather ideas for her new designs. This new Minecraft chapter is what she's been waiting for! (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)

10. Amazon Gift Card- Is there a special little girl you want to cheer on Christmas... But she has it all? No problemo! She probably has like a thousand ideas of what she's missing. Don't feel so bad for not getting a huge wrapped gift. Take the matter into your own hands and gift her with an Amazon Gift Card. What cannot be purchased through Amazon? Probably, it doesn't exist! And for this Christmas, Amazon gift cards come with these cute little boxes that look so adorable! (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)

11 . Galaxy Tab- Girls love tech just like boys. They love the easy access to a nice camera and of course the speed and capacity to download plenty of apps and games without slowing down her tablet to prehistoric times! Gaming, Youtubbing, writing, emailing, Pinterest, there's no limit with this awesome Galaxy Tab! (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)

12 . Video Games- Kids have all kinds of video game consoles these days! Choosing a great new game for them is always a nice option. Go with the newest games to ensure they still don't own them. Here's a link to a list of the newest games for all consoles! Wanna play it safe? Get This Luigi's Mansion 3. (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)

14. An incredible instant Camera Bundle- No matter their age, girls will always love to take pictures and selfies! This bundle has a little bit of everything she will need to have her own photos in seconds. It comes in a variety of cute pastel colors. This bundle comes with an album, filters and even hangers! It's one of those unexpected gifts that turn out to be the favorite of all times! (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)

15. A Baby Cakes cake pop maker- Wake up the little chef inside this special girl! This cute mini cake pop maker is perfect for those girls who love patisserie since early childhood! Why don't you get some batter and get ready to spend an hour watching the Greatest British Baking Show or Nailed It! with your special girl! And don't forget to get batter, cake pop sticks and chocolate wafers. (Click on item name or image for the link to this item!)