Christmas gifts your husband will love

No more socks or boring white underwear.

For some particular reason, holidays are a time when men have to expect socks, underwear, or tools. Maybe a kit to clean the car. Father's day. Birthdays. Christmas.

But, right now you're asking yourself: what should I get my husband for Christmas? How can I surprise him?

Of course, you don't want to give him another body wash set or a kit to polish his car. Not to talk about socks or cheap white underwear. You want to dazzle him, to let him know you've been thinking about him.

If you're out of ideas and maybe time, these incredible gifts are bought online and delivered straight to your door!

I have put together a list of 25 gift ideas that don't suck at all. Impress your guy this Christmas with one of these thoughtful gifts. (Just click on each picture and it will take you to the pricing.)

Here you have it!

25 Christmas gifts your husband will love

1. Champion hoodie- Gift him a nice hoodie that's perfect for all seasons! (Click on the image for the price!)

2. Grunt Style tees- From military to fitness men, they all love these fitted sleeved tees. And look good on them too! (Click on the image for the price!)

3. Shiatsu massager- Help him drive comfortably back home with an incredible full back massager. Easy to carry with him, he can use it at the office or on his favorite chair to watch the games! (Click on the image for the price!)

4. A high protein care package- A high protein care package is a very thoughtful gift for any guy. They love to eat. They are always hungry. They always need a healthy snack. (Click on the image for the price!)

5. A Keto snack box- This snack box is perfect for the husband who's trying to stay in shape or working his way to a keto lifestyle. (Click on the image for the price!)

6. Puma cap- A nice cap is always appreciated as a gift! Guys like caps. Even those guys that don't wear caps daily, like to have a few just for fun! (Click on the image for the price!)

7. Issey Miyake perfume- This perfume smells so good! It's very refreshing and very manly! You'll be scenting your guy a lot! Very sexy perfume and very lasting! (Click on the image for the price!)

8. Lacoste perfume- Another great perfume for guys. Manly and powerful, yet delicate scent. (Click on the image for the price!)

9. This manly leather jacket- Make your man feel like a movie star with a leather jacket. Leather has something that makes you feel super sexy instantly! Men are not an exception. Take him to an ice cream date and just make him feel hotter! (Click on the image for the price!)

10. PS 5- Every guy wants to put his hands on one of these babies. Make him be the happy owner and get a game both can play! (Click on the image for the price!)

11. Galaxy A50 (unlocked)- A good phone is almost a necessity these days. I love this Galaxy A50 -in fact, I love all Galaxy phones and I prefer them over the iPhone anytime. Plus, this one is unlocked, so he can use it perfectly no matter his cellphone provider. (Click on the image for the price!)

12. Call of duty Black Ops- This is the perfect game to share adrenaline with your man. (Click on the image for the price!)

13. Xbox live Gold- For the Xbox lover, a year of Xbox live gold is an incredible gift! (Click on the image for the price!)

14. Playstation Plus- For the Playstation lover, a one year PS plus is a little piece of life! Doesn't matter if he already has one, he can add another year and stop worrying about monthly membership renewals. (Click on the image for the price!)

15. Huarache- Guys love nice shoes. The new Nike line -the Huaraches- is a must-have! (Click on the image for the price!)

16. Espresso machine- Guys love coffee as well. And not just coffee, but a high-quality latte or cappuccino. This machine won't disappoint him. Having nothing to envy of those thousand dollars Italian espresso machines, this one is amazing! (Click on the image for the price!)

17. Sony Bluetooth headphones- Help him jam while working out with nice wireless headphones. With Alexa built-in, these Sony Bluetooth headphones will be in danger of being confiscated by you! (Click on the image for the price!)