My Christmas Gift to you: ebooks!

Merry Christmas, my empowered friends!

I know you've had a rough year but you made it! You fought hard. Even when you thought you were defeated on the ground, you survived!

And you want to know why?

Because you're a warrior princess, you're a queen! You're powerful. You're a goddess!

You, my empowered beauties everywhere, are pure power concentrated in such a pretty soul and body! Believe me! I know it because I feel the same way!

You survived a year full of deprivations, excess of responsibilities, hard work, lockdown, homeschool. Still, you made it! You enjoyed your date nights with your adorable partner, you took care of yourself, you managed to keep the world around you sane and alive. Yay! If you see it that way, you are a freaking superheroine!

What's left to say? Not much but to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a new year full of hope, peace, family blessings, and a trustworthy, hot and kinky relationship. Most of all, my wish to you is the steamiest relationship with yourself!

Let's celebrate Christmas together! We made it this far and I want to give you a gift! Starting at midnight, December 23 and ending at midnight, December 26 (Pacific Time), you can download all my kindle ebooks for FREE!

Yes, for FREE! Click on each image to go straight to the free Kindle download!

  • Inked- My newest baby! Free for the first time just for you!

  • Sweet Menace- my first novel!

  • Dulce Amenaza- Sweet Menace's Spanish version.

  • Confesiones de una feminista- motivational and humoristic book just for women!

If you want to download INKED straight to your phone or tablet to enjoy later, just subscribe here :

Also, share this post with all your friends so they can enjoy these free books too!

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Merry Christmas, my lovely friends!

See you!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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