Christmas gift: Family Date Night

Movie and Hot cocoa! Like the one my Abuelita made! (Recipe included)

One of the things we tend to overthink is what to gift our children as a Christmas present. I know. I've been there myself! I can spend hours staring at the empty space, thinking about how I can make them smile profoundly while showing them my deep love. Which will be that gift that enlightens their faces.

Eventually, I start questioning myself what would make ME happy...

That's a good question because I have it all. I don't need anything material. And if we think about it thoroughly... a material gift not necessarily brings us happiness. Most of us need a little more. Its love. The detail. Its purpose. The intention that's wrapped in the gift is most valuable than the present itself.

Do you remember that great present you received when you were little? You probably don't. We mostly remember the things we wanted but never received. Maybe we never forgot that one gift we hated. But we barely remember the nice gifts we got. Not because they weren't great. Probably they were.

What we remember are the experiences. Those memories accompany us for a lifetime. For example, I never forgot my grandmothers or my mom making delicious and hot cocoa. Chopping that hard chocolate bar.

Sometimes, unwrapping a beautifully dressed gift doesn't bring happiness. What really brings me happiness? What is that thing I really need or want the most? Questioning myself was eye-opening.

What I do really want and need is to enjoy quality time with my family. I love to sit on the couch with my family to chat, play, or watch a funny movie. Away from phones or computers. Without the burden of homework or deadlines. Having a snack while watching a movie or funny videos. Sweet-tooth family we are!

So, I decided to spoil my family with a Hot Cocoa & Movie date night! Nothing fancy... Just love. I wanted to pamper them with creamy hot cocoa like the one my Abuelita made when I was a little girl. Don't worry! I'll share my Hot Cocoa Recipe with you! In fact, I included Abuelita's version (which is packed with sugar... just like Abuela used to make it) and a healthier version because you deserve that one too!

Every once in a while, I tell my kids stories about my childhood. I tell them how different things were 30 years ago. Our Christmas presents were pj's or a remote control car from Always 99. If we were lucky enough, one of our aunts or uncles would give us an amazing present, like a collectible Barbie or a makeup kit. Back then, we were poor but still have all we needed to live. We didn't have fancy things or brand clothes. And yet, we were happy playing and talking about the future.

Kids nowadays... they have it all. And probably they have a spare. Gen Z Kids may wonder how we managed to survive 30 years ago. Bue guess what... we asked ourselves the same questions back then. How our parents made it to adulthood sharing clothes with their siblings or smearing a tad of toothpaste to their crackers because there was nothing else to eat?

Back to the present time, kids can have it all and yet they need and want what matters the most: our time. They want us not just sitting there, browsing our phones, absently listening to their conversations, but fully present. Sharing a sincere laugh with them. Listening to their jokes, despite how silly or incomprehensible they may sound. Not even the most expensive gift will ever substitute the importance that our quality time means for our kids.

If you want to gift your family a Movie & Hot Cocoa Date Night:

What to do:

  • Early morning, leave a handmade note to your kids.

"As a Christmas celebration,

your presence is requested.

A movie of your choice...

Hot cocoa is expected!

Meet you at home by 6.

Pj's are required.

Get ready to have fun

Bring your blankets if desired."

  • Gather your hot cocoa ingredients. (Recipes below!)

  • Add cookies or any snack your family likes.

  • Turn off the phones!

  • Make the hot cocoa while the kids pick a movie.

  • Sit on the floor or the couch with your blankets! Make a blanket fortress!

  • Laugh and have fun while sipping this creamy and delicious hot cocoa!

  • Finish the night with a sleepover in the living room!

Kids love movies, hot cocoa, having fun and sleepovers. All those things together are the most perfect gift ever!

What is not to love about this family date night?

What matters the most?

Enjoy these moments. Kids grow so fast and tomorrow you'll open your eyes to see them leaving to start their own adult life by themselves! So, don't miss the Today! Gift your kids with experiences they'll never forget. Adventures on the couch. Funny experiences in the kitchen or backyard. A gift... they'll forget with the years. The time you invest in them, your presence, your bursts of laughter when they share a joke... those are the things they'll never forget.

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy