Born to be a feminist

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Been raised in a Puerto Rican home with primos playing together everywhere was my actual first tragic experience of the battle of the sexes.

"You have to stay in the house". My parents will say when my brother- two years younger- was allowed to go play outside with the neighbors. -"But why can he, and I cannot? I'm older." I remember my irritation when I dared to confront my parents with the truth. "Yes, but he's a man. And you're not."

Stupid as it might seem, this same thing lasted for centuries and centuries in my childhood home. My brother could have a TV and video games in his own room. He even had his own room. I always had to share it with my five year younger sister. By that time, five years were a world. An abyss of age that kept my teenager years in a twisted knot with her childhood. Don't get me wrong, I love my sister. I feel sad for her and for me as well. Neither of us had the space to enjoy solitude when needed. The bedroom is one of the things y