Blondie Brownies

Updated: Jan 26

Full flavor. A little crunch on the outside. A lot of gooey deliciousness on the inside.

Blonde brownies recipe. Easy recipe. Keto. Low carb.

I was never too fond of brownies before until I met these blondies. For me, brownies were too sweet or extremely gooey but never perfectly balanced. Strangely, I haven't found my true brownie love until this babes! And not just me! My daughter is not a big fan of "chocolate" brownies, but she had some of these and was hooked for life!

Let me tell you something, but please keep it secret! My daughter was enjoying these brownies when mysteriously it just fell from her hand. She was crying and crying uncontrollably because of her loss. I felt so sad for her. But felt so happy for my hit. There's not every day when she truly falls in love with my recipes (or anybody's). That's how picky she is! So these brownies must be extremely good!

Maybe it is because they have the perfect amount of salted caramel inside. This recipe is perfect with dark chocolate chips or milk chocolate chips. Or a combination of both. Or some chocolate chips and also salted caramel chips! For a change, I wanted mine a lot more caramel-y, so I used salted caramel chips.

Normally, brownies are made with a butter base, but peanut butter is super rich and creamy. Plus, no need to cream the butter and sugar. Just toss it all in a bowl and combine.

The peanut butter gives these blonde brownies the perfect creaminess. I always use natural peanut butter with no sugar added. It's very rich and delicious and pure peanut flavor! Feel free to substitute for almond butter if you have it on hand. Or your favorite peanut butter!

One extra step I always encourage to do (even if you're super short on time) is sifting the almond flour. This will give these brownies a nice cake-y consistency with no almond chunks or grainy texture. Not sifting it will make grainy brownies but the flavor will be good as well. So, your choice! This recipe is so GOOD and EASY there's no way it can be done wrong. It's so easy that it's foolproof!

Serve these delicious blonde brownies with vanilla ice cream or drizzle them with caramel or chocolate sauce. You know what? Have a warm piece alone! These are so good it makes my mouth water!

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