Beef and "Rice" for low-carb foodies

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Who doesn't like a delicious and savory dish for dinner? I certainly do! When I'm working on my healthy lifestyle, I try eating the cleanest food possible, but salads get old too fast and my taste buds get tired and angry if I stay in lettuce and grilled chicken breasts. Then, diet will end suddenly, because of lack of variations.

You know that feeling? I know you do and I feel you! Nothing better than a very delicious food that has no consequences to your body! Nothing is greater than eating and feeling good and energized after!

That's why I love to experiment with food... because I love to eat. Who has not experienced this? That just thinking about salad makes you want to eat burgers, or like a good latina baby: arroz con gandules, pasteles and roasted pig? See, been born latina brings with it the predisposition to like really good food.

This delicious beef and "race" will not disappoint you. Is very tender and full of flavors and also very juicy. Is a great recipe that you can put together is 15 minutes approximately and you'll only need a deep skillet or small pot. More veggies can be added for an extra hit of flavor and the beef can be substituted for chicken if you want to. Of course, you can adjust the servings according to your household!