Beauty routine for Madness Monday

Once upon a time... A few years go I started to stop apologizing for being me. With many low blows I learned that haters gonna hate, pricks will always be out there, and between bitches you'll always belong to the witches.

Beauty is found everywhere, in an uncontrollable laughter, in the honesty of a little kid, in the shine of your soul. Beauty is not a size of your clothes or the color of your skin. No one will be able to notice your beauty if it does not come from within you. Call it energy, self esteem, or soul. Your inner goddess shining like a diamond, burning hot like the sun. That's where beauty comes from.

Of course, I learned to love myself in order to understand why people like to bring you down. I learned to differentiate their hateful words from what was a fact. A sincere compliment is always welcome but negative criticism is quickly dismissed with a sympathetic smile. Blessed are those who can see beauty in the simple things.

Now I take care of my skin because this is my baby, my body, my temple. First thing I do is washing my face when I wake up. A soap with moisturizing cream will do the trick for me, but can also be any face liquid soap for your skin type. When in doubt, always choose the one for blended skin.

Every once in a while I want the fancy feel of a spa but in the comfort of my home. When the need to be extra pampered surge I make a great coffee scrub:

Face Scrub: Coffee-Addict Version

1 tbsp espresso grounded coffee

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

1/2 tbsp sugar granules

1/2 tbsp coconut oil (optional)

Make a paste and apply to the face in circular motions. Let it rest for 10-20 minutes, enjoying the rich coffee scent and allow your senses to be transported to a peaceful place.

Once is dry, rinse it off with cold water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Follow up with your makeup routine. I love to use a matte liquid foundation, liquid eye liner and lip gloss, excepting when going out that I go all diva and apply a 16 hour matte liquid lipstick in the reddest red I could get my hands on.

Once upon a time, I knew liars gonna lie, cheaters gonna cheat, the carping gonna criticize. Once upon a time, the mirror and I met. We had a long chat about beauty and about love. For a long time we talked and laughed, until the mirror said nothing and I realized the beauty was within. I have the will to laugh even in difficult times. I was brave enough to defend my beliefs.

Even with all my flaws, I discovered my power.

Dress in a way you feel beautiful, make a gorgeous eyeliner like cat eye or even go retro to be bolder, add a little glitter to the corner of your eyes, go nude lipstick or go wine. But be brave to be yourself. Your inner beauty will attract the right people to your life and will remove the haters.

Stop apologizing for being. In a world full of emotional dark clouds be a freaking awesome rainbow!



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