Beauty routine for Madness Monday

Once upon a time... A few years go I started to stop apologizing for being me. With many low blows I learned that haters gonna hate, pricks will always be out there, and between bitches you'll always belong to the witches.

Beauty is found everywhere, in an uncontrollable laughter, in the honesty of a little kid, in the shine of your soul. Beauty is not a size of your clothes or the color of your skin. No one will be able to notice your beauty if it does not come from within you. Call it energy, self esteem, or soul. Your inner goddess shining like a diamond, burning hot like the sun. That's where beauty comes from.

Of course, I learned to love myself in order to understand why people like to bring you down. I learned to differentiate their hateful words from what was a fact. A sincere compliment is always welcome but negative criticism is quickly dismissed with a sympathetic smile. Blessed are those who can see beauty in the simple things.