Bakery Style Flan Boricua

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As a boricua baby, I grew up surrounded by panaderias. Panaderias everywhere! The smell of recently baked pan de agua was so captivating, and like under a spell, we found ourselves with our hand tucked into the bread's paper bag, and our mouths stuffed with the good stuff! Oh, so delicious memories! If you were lucky enough to arrive when the bread was right out of the oven you could enjoy it with butter, melting so fast over the warm piece of heaven!

But the bread isn't the only good thing about bakeries. All baked goods were waiting to seduce us with their sweetness and creaminess. And how to resist? Just imposible!

Bakeries and pastry shops are in abundance. The good ones are the best! Even the bad ones have at least one good thing! And there's always coffee, which is a great thing!

A few years ago, I baked desserts from home and sold them. People always called to order their favorites. The most requested was this creamy custard - the bakery style custard! Believe me, its heavenly delicious. Plus, my recipes were well praised, as I always designed them with a sugar substitute that could be enjoyed by people with diabetes. And that's what I still do. I see a dessert and think of how delicious it could be if healthier. I aim for something that tastes just like the real deal. That's a personal challenge!

From time to time we bake this deliciousness at home. With so much to crea