Are you in a love rut, or you fell out of love

14 reasons to know if you have fallen out of love #loverut #felloutoflove

As a divorced woman, I know a little bit of both. For starters, I mean no disrespect to anyone with this post, because I know many people tend to feel offended with topics like this one.

Nobody starts a romantic relationship in hopes of doom. Nobody takes the effort to make someone else notice you just for the fun to spend all that time and then show their road to disappointment.

Over time, things happen. Things that break you. Things that bring you down. And it changes you. Also, things that make you grow as an individual come. To make you dream. To give you hope. And this changes you as well.

The same happens in relationships. Things happen that forces you to change. Good? Bad? Only you know the answer to that as every situation is different.

When love gets stuck in monotony -or what many people call routine- we probably start to look for culprits. Why I feel bored when I'm with you? Why can't we do something different? A love rut can be produced by anything. An illness that forces you to avoid certain activities. A very demanding job. Maybe kids that require more attention, or kids that have not developed their individuality and independence. Maybe a quarantine -like we are seeing these days.

A love rut is easily recognizable because one or both partners will feel left out or extremely unsatisfied. Once recognized, if both are in the best intentions of working for their relationship, it can be addressed and fixed. And that's the perfect way to growing into an even better relationship.