All I think about is GANACHE!

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Nothing I miss as much from my former eating habits like I miss chocolate. Chocolate bars, hard-shell chocolate on top of my ice cream, mocha, chocolate cheesecake, triple chocolate cake... chocolate with chocolate!

As a former chocolate addict in recovery, I can tell you one thing from the depths of my soul. There's no such thing as recovering from chocolate addiction. No way I can just forget its velvety flavor melting in my mouth. Not even with a profound brainwash, I'll be able to just forget how good I feel when I have a spoonful of its oily chocolatey creaminess.

I love chocolate so much that the description comes fluently like a romance poem. I. LOVE. CHOCOLATE! No reason to deny it.

Like these peppermint crepes with brown sugar cream and ganache drizzled all over! Best breakfast ever!

If you have read about my weight loss journey, you know my struggle for a better and healthier me. That, you know, it's been a fight and I had to learn to prioritize my health before my palate. If you haven't read my journey to regain my health back, check the lifestyle section. There, you'll find my before & after pics and everything I've been doing to lose over 100 pounds!

But getting fit and healthy wasn't going to get in my way. Those two goals: the healthy and fit me, needed to start making a pact with my sweet tooth and my chocolate addiction.

As a self-taught baker, I enjoy playing with my food. Yes, I admit it! I love food play! That's why I take my classics and just remaster them to fit my new healthier lifestyle. I grew in a Puerto Rican kitchen. Delicious food is a must when you come from a family of Boricuas.

I think that this chocolate was the first recipe I healthified. I wanted this ganache to be so rich I wouldn't be able to stop licking the spoon! And it ended up being oh so good! The first attempts were okay. In the absence of the real thing, those first experiments tasted like nothing else. But practice after practice; one batch after another, I found my perfect ganache: not doo dark, not too sweet, and no bitter aftertaste. A little warmer, it's the perfect chocolate sauce. But it's also wonderful served cold and solid, as topping for a majestic cookie dough cheesecake!

If like me, you're a chocolate addict working to a healthier self, don't quit on it just yet! Give this recipe a chance to prove you can have the chocolate and eat it too!

You can adjust the sweetness to your like, and also the desired darkness. That's the great thing about this recipe, you can play with it and make your perfect chocolate.

Want some peppermint chocolate? Just add a few drops of peppermint extract and voila!

Is your body screaming for chocolate-covered strawberries? Try this recipe! Dip the strawberries in the warm (not hot) ganache and refrigerate them for 20 minutes. Enjoy!

Craving chocolate? Take a big spoon and relax!

Well, I leave you to it because I have other important things to do... like enjoying some ganache! See you later!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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