All I think about is GANACHE!

#chocolate #ganache #lowcarb #keto #sugarfree

Nothing I miss as much from my former eating habits like I miss chocolate. Chocolate bars, hard-shell chocolate on top of my ice cream, mocha, chocolate cheesecake, triple chocolate cake... chocolate with chocolate!

As a former chocolate addict in recovery, I can tell you one thing from the depths of my soul. There's no such thing as recovering from chocolate addiction. No way I can just forget its velvety flavor melting in my mouth. Not even with a profound brainwash, I'll be able to just forget how good I feel when I have a spoonful of its oily chocolatey creaminess.

I love chocolate so much that the description comes fluently like a romance poem. I. LOVE. CHOCOLATE! No reason to deny it.

Like these peppermint crepes with brown sugar cream and ganache drizzled all over! Best breakfast ever!

If you have read about my weight loss journey, you know my struggle for a better and healthier me. That, you know, it's been a fight and I h