A couple like no other

Updated: Feb 20

Power couple's traits to imitate!

Be a couple like them...

He was a stern man. She was a family lady.

Big plans for the future... Each one of them had.

Nothing worked as they planned. They were lonely.

Life had created a path where they both collided several times -for years- until they finally understood what it meant.

He was destined to leave everything behind.

Her fate was no different than his.

They were meant to be together.

A delicate glance at the right time.

That was all it took to bring them together.

He grew a beard. It makes him feel powerful.

She painted her lips red. It makes her feel invincible.

They love madly. Without limits.

They are a scandal everywhere they go.

They kiss passionately when they feel to.

A public display of affection is to be expected of them.

This pair loves to have fun and they always make time for it.

He enjoys sports. She's the librarian type.

They share some hobbies. They enjoy those passions.

They cheer each other even when they don't understand.

He's been attacked.

She's been humiliated.

Every time, they have protected each other like implacable beasts.

They respect and protect the individuality of the other.

A couple like them have a dirty mind and a kinky imagination.

They have sex. Lots of sex. Wild, rough, erotic, loud, limitless.

They make love too. Sweet, tender, tempting.

They bite the pillows. They look at the little bruises caused by their lovemaking with tenderness.

Their seduction game is always on. Alluring one another, provoking, desiring, teasing.

Not always they are ecstatic. They get mad as well.

With the same strength as they love, they reflect their anger.

They argue. They yell.

When they get angry, they leave the conversation.

They even leave the room. But they never leave the house. Never leave their love.

Arguments will stay unattended until both have meditated, but they always find the middle ground.

On occasions, they both go to sleep angry, despite the popular culture telling them otherwise.

The next morning, both are restless after a sleepless night, but both had a whole night to think, to need, to miss despite sharing the same bed, the same blanket.

They both are dirty-minded. They share a strange innuendo game that only a few can understand. They have their sexy secret code.

They play together. Oh, how much fun they have! Their bedroom is a playground. The whole world is. They play with their bodies. They toy with their minds. But they never play with the other's heart.

They work hard. Both sleep little. Both fight hard for what they want.

Their priorities are nothing like other people's but it works wonderfully for them.

A perfect team, hustling different battles and goals at the same time, that's what they are.

They support each other. The more people push them into the abyss, the more they grow.

They forgive but hardly forget. Their hearts have been broken so much and still, they are compassionate. But they will never be fooled again.

They are not fanatics. They are confident that the world needs more humanity and fewer religions; more leaders and fewer followers. More givers, fewer deadbeats.

They are confident that the world needs more nonjudgemental souls and fewer bigots. More people with the desire to help and fewer people who enjoy giving empty words of hope.

They don't feel pity for lazy people and liars, but they are full of empathy and compassion for those who work hard and still can't achieve their dreams.

Behind their backs, these sweet lovebirds are misjudged.

They are underestimated.

People speak ill of them. They are badly marked.

They don't try to act or pretend. They don't force their joy. They aren't vain or arrogant, but modesty aside they know their worth.

They are envied for all they have, for all the happiness they transmit.

Everybody sees their possessions, nobody sees their sacrifices.

Everybody sees their strong tempers, nobody sees that the barriers people try to build against them made them this way.

Everybody judges their free spirits, nobody talks about their good deeds.

Everybody judges their boundaries. Nobody admits out loud how effective those have become for their happiness.

Everybody will say he's "whipped" while they secretly envy his satisfaction.

Everybody will say she's "submissive" to him while their arrogance will prevent them to admit she's happier than ever.

They are grateful. Without needing a reason or a special day, they show their love and gratitude.

They are always faithful. They are each other's biggest temptation.

They pray for each other.

Every morning and every night, they thank God for their life together.

They thank God for crossing their paths and for keeping them together and alive every day.

They pray for health, for strength, for happiness, for love, for work. For their little love nest. Their little family.

She is his weakness. He is her debility.

Together, they are invincible.

In the darkness, they kiss along the way.

They don't fear their demons. They are not afraid to play with them.

They share everything: pain, paradise, pleasure.

They had built together. They have been destroyed together. They've been poor. They've been rich.

They are best friends. They share their secrets while lying on their bed.

They are lovers. Even after marriage, they flirt. They plan the steamiest sex dates.

They are advisors. Guiding, correcting and defending each other like only the best of lawyers could do.

These two are odd.

But odd is life.

He prepares her coffee every morning.

She always satisfies his sweet tooth.

He works hard every day.

She works hard as well.

Every night before going to sleep, these two talk like lovers.

They take turns giving back rubs after a long and exhausting week.

Every week, this imperfect couple shares dates.

Be the imperfect couple who makes life perfect.

Be the flawed couple who gives life a wonderful sense.

No matter the conflict, be like them who never surrender, never give up on each other.

No matter the situations that break every couple apart, stand strong and proud.

Be like them, the imperfectly perfect couple everybody hates.

Be like you! Never stop loving madly.

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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