8 powerful reasons why you should consider Eloping!

If you're considering Eloping, go for it!

Every woman dreams of a gorgeous fancy wedding. A killer wedding dress that makes you look like the prettiest bride in the whole world. Long dances with your husband, while the guests twirl around you in a beautiful marbled ballroom. The family reunited all around the place. Entertained conversations. Happy memories that lead to beautiful wedding pictures to cherish forever. All summed up in a magazine-worthy wedding.

Yes. That's almost every woman's dream as a little girl! But sometimes, it's just not possible to have it all the way we dreamed of. But fear not. You can still have the cake and eat it too!

There are times that the idea of running away sounds so sweet and easy. And, probably, is a fascinating temptation. One that should be thoroughly considered.

Are you considering running away? Go for it!

Here are a few situations that can make you consider that Eloping is the right thing to do:

  • Money is short.

We are amid of a pandemic. Money is short everywhere unless you own a sanitizer or toilet paper company.

But if you're just a mere mortal, you know money is tight all around the globe. But that doesn't mean you cannot have your wedding or flush all your dreams in the nearest toilet. It also doesn't mean you have to settle for getting married at the city hall in the jeans you're wearing right now -unless that's what you want, of course.

But, are you saving for something more lasting than a party? You're definitely right about prioritizing a home for your new family than an expensive party. Who wants to criticize your decision, will, no matter the ostentatious party you do.

  • Destination wedding.

A destination wedding is a dream come true. You can choose the perfect scene, the perfect weather. Getting married in that dreamt place must be like living a fairy tale. But, honestly, you cannot impose your family to cover expenses for trips and stays in Hawaii or Fiji. Or can you break the bank paying for them all?

Definitely, you cannot hold a grudge against them for their impossibility to fulfill your desired huge wedding far away. That's very understandable. Especially these days when so many families have lost their jobs and incomes due to the global pandemic.

An elopement in a beautiful destination is the perfect way to make your dream come true without breaking your family's hearts or banks. Make them count by making a video-wedding and give them the opportunity to do a virtual toast!

  • Family Impositions

This is one of the main reasons why many couples decide to elope. An elopement is a great way of avoiding unnecessary family issues and focusing this moment solemnly on the couple. Yes, probably most of the family will feel hurt, but so they will when you plan a huge wedding and you don't comply with their whims.

Eloping is the most fascinating way of skipping all those imposed family traditions, like wearing the dress your great-grandmother used before WW1. If trying to bring them into sense leaves nothing but more troubles, don't think it twice, a beautiful elopement is claiming you!

  • Family Drama

Your family is under an eternal battle and is burning your soul? No matter the time or place they are always fighting? You are quite sure they won't be able to behave, not even for your happy day? Do your parents dislike your fiance? The bride is despised by her mother-in-law?

There's not a better way to stop people's mean intentions towards the couple than to elope! When having a troubled family, you can be sure that weird things will happen, and a lot can go wrong. The mom-in-law will dress white just to mess up your wedding pictures and to tell everybody she is the one and only woman in her son's life. Believe me, is more common than what you may think.

  • You do you.

I mean, you do as you want. You are creating everlasting memories together. This is the moment to focus just on your love and create a new tradition if you like or to marry at the top of that snowy mountain. The time to travel and have an underwater union has come. The most important element in a marriage are the bride, the groom and their devoted love. So, grab each other's hands, pack your bags and do your thing.

  • Be genuine to yourselves.

You have this idea of celebration that people will oppose? I get it. One or both of you were married before and people is making despicable comments that second weddings are to be intimate, go unnoticed, no big deal, and stuff like that? Be genuine to yourselves. Those kinds of people aren't very nice to you. They have been very verbal with their ill wishes to both of you. That kind of negativity is not welcomed in this new step of your life. You deserve to be happy, no matter what people may want for you. Leave them out of your big plans. Invest your energy and money in what matters the most: the happiness of the two of you.

  • Adventurous spirits.

I know of people who want to travel the world as a wedding present. What a better opportunity to invest that "big wedding money"! Buy those plane tickets and send your loved ones some nice "We Eloped in Spain" announcements!

  • Stress-free experience.

The mere thought of planning the logistics of a huge gathering... choose what foods you'll serve that crowd, who cannot stand closeness to who, getting the perfect place and the perfect everything makes you nauseous. I understand it perfectly! Probably you imagine your wedding day solemnly focused on your happiness. That's wonderful. Do it! Get a hotel, room service and have your intimate elopement there.

People will love you and be happy no matter what you decide. If they love the two of you and wish nothing but happiness, they'll accept your decision to Elope. Wether with them in an intimate ceremony, or a long-distance announcement, your happiness is what matters at that moment. Stop focusing on what others might like or think of you, and work towards your future life together.

Are you considering to Elope? Did you elope already? How it turned out? I want to know it all, what did you do to celebrate your special day?

Lots of love,


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