7-days Sex Challenge to Reconnect As a Couple

Updated: Feb 6

7 days sex challenge to reconnect

If your relationship survived 2020, you're one step closer to love immortality.

As we all know, making room for a whole month's challenge isn't always possible, here you have an intensive 7-days crash course to reconnect!

But if you have a month, and want to use it in the sexiest way possible, I suggest my awesome 30 days sex challenge. One of my most viral posts so far. If you haven't read it, just click on the red link above to be redirected.

But if one week is what your busy agenda allows, let's make the most of it with this 7 days intensive sex challenge to reconnect.

Life can be stressful sometimes. And the last months have proven how stressful life can come to be. Responsibilities and work may also steal away precious time to bond with our significant other.

If we are totally honest, not always we can execute a 30-day plan. Be it a diet, stop drinking alcohol, or investing more time in our sex life, sometimes 30 days need to be extended to 60, 90, and in the worst of cases, we are forced to leave it on standby.

Don't worry! Here you have the crash course of sexy time! Just 7 days to commit, bond and reconnect as a couple. What week to choose? That's entirely up to the two of you. It can be pre-Valentine, or birthday week, or anniversary. Maybe that week off from work! Just make sure the 7 days are consecutive. And preferably when no one is visiting!

Get ready to reconnect with your husband as never done before!

What do you need?

Not much! You already have what matters the most: you two. Plus, seven days to commit to making it work. Among that week, you'll have: One date night where you two can do something you want -preferably outside the house- and one homemade dinner. If possible, turn off your phone to avoid interruptions.

Without further ado, I'll explain day by day what to do!

  • Day 1: Explore your partner's body.

Sometimes, we can be next to each other and still feel like a thousand miles away. Your husband can be nice and communicative and still you feel neglected. Why is that? Maybe it's because we are lacking to be seen or to be touched. Physical contact between couples is one of the things we tend to disregard, but the need for it is very real.

For day 1, you'll take turns discovering each other's bodies. Before starting, take a nice, refreshing bath. Dress with something comfortable, like a soft nightgown. Whatever makes you feel cute and still relaxed works fine. Find how your partner gets aroused just by your touch. Leave no place (allowed) untouched or unattended.

And then, it's your husband's turn to do the same exploration.

Make a map of your bodies. What did you notice that he likes the most? Where did you touch him that made him feel awkward? Did the touch arouse him? Did it arouse you?

What about trying the same blindfolded? Does it still feel the same?

Next? That's up to you! The real purpose of day 1 is to explore your partner's body. You can enjoy nice intercourse or a very educational self-touch session face to face. You can even lay there, hugging and caressing till you fall asleep. You choose!

  • Day 2: Focus on the sensations.

Sensations? Of? Slow-passionate sex, of course.

Remember the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith? If you haven't seen it, you're losing something and must correct the mistake ASAP. Anyway, spoil alert. They were so repressed with each other. Why? Lies, deceptions, control... But what happens after they let it all go and put their hands on one another? It all exploded. Their chaos turned into something beautiful and they understood they needed their physical-sexual connection to be happy.

For day 2, start with one hell of mouthwatering foreplay that's intended to excite your partner. Contrary to exploring, you're conquering. You're intentionally driving your SO to the point of no return with kisses, naughty conversations, sinful touches. Do what needs to be done to speed up his breathing.

If deemed needed, guide your partner through the process. There's no shame in telling him/her where and how you like to be touched the most. Be open to communicating. Not just to speak but to listen.

  • Day 3: Tantric Sex

Don't feel intimidated by those crazy Kamasutra positions that are virtually impossible to recreate. That's not what Tantric sex aims to achieve. Tantric sex is in fact the slow union of bodies to communicate and transfer energies between you and your partner.

In preparation for this day, find a nice and cozy area in your house, (your bedroom is perfectly fine), and put some comfortable cushions on the floor. Dress comfortably. Both must sit face to face. Start by talking about each other, or maybe remembering the early stages of your relationship. Slowly, transition to accommodate your legs around his waist and rock back and forth.

Take deep breaths and try to sync. Laugh and enjoy the togetherness.

Eventually, you'll end up sitting on his lap, or at least skin to skin. Don't rush it. Just enjoy the exchange of energy. Enjoy the connection between mind and body. Absorb every sensation. If sex is your means to communicate and share energy, it will happen.

  • Day 4: Let's have a date.

We had plenty of sex during the last three days and tomorrow we will have some more. For day 4, you must go out on a date. No timing is wrong. Choose a place or activity where you two can enjoy and still can communicate. Whether it is dancing, bowling, dinner at a nice restaurant, pizza under the moonlight, samplers and beers, make sure you're together.

Be conscious of your partner. Make your spouse know you're present. Make him/her feel seen, adored, desired. Remember, this week is for bonding as a couple, not for self-satisfaction.

Today, your purpose is to have a great time. Just like those first magical dates.

  • Day 5: Dressed Sex.

Have you heard of hump days? Today it's one of those days. Arouse each other. Rub yourself against your partner's dressed body. The good thing is, you can go to your backyard... You can sneakingly rub your boobs against your man's arm at the supermarket. You can smash the package against her derriere while prepping up the dinner. No limits on hump and rubs!

Everything is allowed, excepting penetration today.

  • Day 6: Cook together

A wise woman once told me: "For a man's heart to belong to you forever, you only have to do 2 things. Keep his stomach full and his balls empty."

I know it may sound so superficial and emotionally detached, but the truth is, men and women are wired differently. Female priority in the love department is probably to be pampered with details and attention. To be seen. Men's love department is slightly different. A man feels loved and cared for when he's fed and when he feels desired.

On day 6, your goal is to cook together. What's your favorite dish? Is it waffles? Cowboy steak with mushroom sauce? Spaghetti? Dessert? Let's do this!

Tease one another. Talk about just the two of you. What are your goals together? What do you aim to achieve as a marriage? What we should do to go on vacation? Where should we go? During the cooking process, feed your spouse with some fruits or cheese bites! Fill the wine glasses or champagne flutes! Open the beers! Lit up some candles. Enjoy great company, entertained conversation and delicious food sitting on the floor!

I know cooking can be tedious sometimes, but eating fast foods or pre-cooked meals also is. Nothing can beat this moment to have any type of conversation, even the most awkward talks. Besides, there's magic hidden in the art of cooking together. Unseen but strongly felt, it lingers between you two, enchanting your hearts and bonding your souls.

You must toast! There's just one day of this intensive sexy challenge left! My recommendation for today: Have a nice sleep! You'll need it for tomorrow!

  • Day 7: Wild Sex.

Congrats! You made it! Today is day 7! The conclusion of a week full of discovery and sexual tension. By now, you'll feel a little tired but your overall sense of happiness is projecting! I can see that glow! Those flushing cheeks.

Other people will tell you that today is the perfect occasion to put to good practice all the things learned during the previous six days. I'll just say you have a lifetime left in togetherness to practice and perfect your senses and touches and conversation skills.

For day 7, leave all your inhibitions at the door. Come to your spouse with the soul naked. Allow your imagination to go wild. Make a sexual fantasy come true. There's no better way to prove your spouse your unconditional love than to be free of prejudices and judgments and be totally committed to the satisfaction of both.

Allow your animal instinct to run wild and free. Be the alpha lady he's craving. Ask him to make a sexy dance for you. Try a new toy together. Roleplay. Make an oil sex fight!

Last thoughts:

Don't let the boost of confidence and closeness fade. Make a habit to share some quality time together -alone- weekly. It will be hard to make the time at first, but once you enjoy the benefits, you'll be fierce with protecting it.

Remember, a relationship is like a fragile sprout. It needs to be cared for, fed and watered every day, receive some sun and also some breeze to be able to bloom. Once you make the habit, your relationship will always flourish. Even at the darkest times.

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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