50+ Naughty Truth or Dare for couples

I'm doing it again and I don't get tired! Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!

Don't be so dirty-minded! I'm doing it all again! And by that, I mean creating a new game for couples!

As we prepare for Spring Break, I asked my kids for activities to do as a family (No, this is not a Family Game!). One of the things my kids suggested was to play Truth or Dare. Clever idea, in fact! So, I thought... Why not? Let me make a kinky version of the family-friendly classic!

This is not your average Truth or Dare. You won't find cheesy Truth or dares like: Who was your first kiss? Or: Eat a spoonful of cinnamon. And hardly you'll finish the 50+ truths or dares. I give you my word!

The only thing you need is the questions and dares below. You can write them down or download the free printables I made for you! (Find the printables at the end of the post!)

The rules are simple!

Seat facing each other.

Ladies first!

Hubby asks "Truth or dare!"

After the wife verbalizes her choice, her man takes a card and reads it.

The wife will answer or perform. And that's the end of her turn.

Now it's the husband's turn!

Sorry, guys! There's no skip here! The purpose of this game is to open up about your experiences and desires, so honesty and comprehension are required.

Here we go! Are you ready for this? I hope you are! Have fun!


  1. Have you ever sexted anyone other than me? Tell me something you sexted and what happened after.

  2. This isn't very legal but if it were, I would love to: ____________.

  3. Which is the song that gets you the horniest?

  4. What's your favorite fantasy to pleasure yourself?

  5. Who has been your best sexual partner? Explain.

  6. Who has been the worst sexual partner? Explain.

  7. What you prefer during sex: Lingerie or naked?

  8. What would you prefer: have sex while angry or make-up sex?

  9. What makes you feel more jealous?

  10. How many times a week you touch yourself?

  11. The most you have touched yourself in a day?

  12. Tell me your favorite sexual memory of me.

  13. According to my sexual behavior, give me a strip club dancer's name.

  14. Remember the first time someone gave you oral. How was it?

  15. Confess the dumbest thing you've ever done in a relationship.

  16. Mention one thing you've never done. (Sex-related)

  17. Tell your wildest sexual experience.

  18. When was that time you got really angry with your partner?

  19. What's the kinkiest thing you want to do, but doesn't dare to say?

  20. What can make you orgasm in seconds?

  21. Describe my "during-sex" personality with 3 words.

  22. If we could only have sex in 1 position for a whole year, what position you'll choose?

  23. Your least favorite sex position. Why?

  24. Which is my bed action you love the most? Describe in detail why you like it so much and what it makes you feel.

  25. Mention at least 1 thing you've seen in a porn movie and you want to try (but feel ashamed to say).

  26. What sex activity you'll never want to do again?


  1. Fake your best "O" looking at your significant other. Best performance award!

  2. Rub chocolate sauce on your partner's body and lick it until no trace is left.

  3. Endure 10 naughty and sexy spanks! (No, your partner isn't allowed to mistreat you. It's just for fun.)

  4. Remember that sex toy that belongs to your partner... the one you feel threatened of... Use it on your partner. You have control.

  5. Try a sex position that requires extra furniture, but with what you already have. Example: a love swing position but using a chair. Or a tantra chair position, but using only pillows.

  6. Undress to the beat of a song your partner chooses.

  7. Fully dressed, sit on your partner's lap and stare at him. With your finger, trace your partner's lips a few times and start whispering "I'm coming... I'm coming!"

  8. Beg your partner to have sex with you. They must refuse. You must convince them but you only have 60 seconds.

  9. Tear your partner's clothes. Literally, rip his/her clothes.

  10. Act an x-rated version of your wedding vows.

  11. Whisper the abecedary in your partner's ear in the most erotic way.

  12. Prize or penalty. Your spouse asks you three questions to prove what you know about them. If you get them right, you'll get a reward. If you get at least 1 wrong, you get a penalty. Your partner's choice of prize and penalty.

  13. Show your jerk-off technique.

  14. Change into the sexiest outfit you have. Time's ticking. 3 minutes!

  15. Let's do a naughty thing you've been thinking about. No judgments.

  16. Double stimulation! Work one part of your partner's body with your hand and another different part with your mouth. (No lip kiss.)

  17. Recreate my most flexible sex move.

  18. Foreplay just like we used to before having sex for the first time.

  19. Rinse your mouth with minty mouthwash. Quickly, suck your partner's nipples (for a woman), or the balls (for a man!).

  20. Private call! Let's call a restaurant and do our best sex moans and sounds.

  21. Pick out a sex video to watch together. Follow their act.

  22. Let's go to the dark laundry and play 7 minutes in Heaven. (Kiss, touch, whatever you want while in darkness for 7 minutes).

  23. Allow your partner to blindfold you. Also, wear headphones with music. Now, your partner will do whatever they want to you.

  24. Sexy dry humping for 2 minutes.

  25. Twerk (or grind) to the song of your partner's choice. 30 seconds.

  26. Pleasure yourself while your partner watches.

Here you have your free printables!

Empowered Curvy's sexy truth or dare
Download PDF • 1.17MB

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Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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