30 Days Self-Love Challenge To A Happier You

Take care of yourself inside and outside!

Writing about love and sex in a successful relationship is a passion for me. But it wasn't always a natural thing. 30 years of my life, two pregnancies, a divorce, lots of extra pounds, and a few more things were needed to bring me to this place of comfort and acceptance I am today. I had to learn how to embrace myself, how to love every piece of me, and I had to discover myself in every sense.

In this journey, I have learned that beyond any kind of love, the love to myself is the most important. Don't misunderstand. Every day I need to rediscover myself. That's just part of the process. To evolve.

Self-love! Ah! The respect for your own self and your needs! Self-love is to take care of yourself, your needs, your happiness first.

When you love yourself you protect your heart, your life, and your happiness with healthy boundaries. Contrary to narcissism, self-love is a beautiful practice that enriches and benefits everyone around you. When you take care of yourself properly, your happiness levels increase and you transmit good energies to those around you. Have you heard the phrase that Joy is contagious?